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Practising The Roommate Agreement From The Big Bang Theory In Real Life

…while also playing the lead characters.

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If you’ve watched the American sitcom — The Big Bang Theory, then you know what the headline says. After finishing the complete series in 2 weeks, I started setting up my new place. I was pushing back all my essential work too because the show is addictive. I wanted to finish it by binge-watching.

While cleaning my new home, I came to know my roommate has also seen BBT, more than once. One night, we were talking over drinks and decided if it would be crazy to come up with a roommate agreement.

Surprisingly, we connected here. The idea was in my head too. A roommate agreement is just a set of rules to follow to maintain an organisation in the living space. It can be strict or loose depending on the consensus.

Roommate agreement from The show

No one has seen the agreement document in the series. We remember it from the dialogues depending on how many times you’ve watched the show.

I’ve seen only once, so I don’t remember much. But it sure sounds fun what we are going to do with our version.

Our clauses

We came up with tasks and responsibilities. These tasks are for shared benefits, so we are not allowed to skip it.

For example, I am obsessed with cleanliness. I am the mini-version of Monica from FRIENDS. So I took up laundry. I took up the responsibility to wake up early in the morning and wake him too. Now, laundry is not a big task as we have a washing machine of our own and it works in just two clicks.

We’ll be adding more tasks as we figure out slowly what are some more works that will benefit us both.

Reason for coming up with a roommate agreement

1. We were bored out of our minds

Did we enjoy cleaning our home when the maid is not around? Yes. Did we enjoy organised our home because no one else will do that? Yes.

But we wanted to see it from a long-term view and take it slow. Also, we have a lot of time to do all these things because our jobs are not that demanding.

2. We both are fans of The Big Bang Theory

I did my Bachelors in Engineering Physics. That doesn’t mean I understand all the concepts explained in the show. But I do understand the explanation in one shot, unlike Penny.

I see the show as a combination of two genres: comedy and educational. The special guests on this show are also pioneers such as Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Neil Gaiman, etc.

3. We are like Leonard and Sheldon

Not strictly, but some characters reflect clearly. Leonard is lactose intolerant and an experimental physicist. I am also lactose intolerant, but more of a follower of experimental psychology.

My roommate is not precisely like Sheldon, but he is studying the life history of scientists like Einstein and Feynman. These scientists had an exciting life outside of their contribution to science, too.

Final words

The new place just got exciting because now we will take responsibilities and hold another one accountable. We came up with an initial draft containing all the everyday tasks that we were already doing since the last seven days but wanted to make it look more official.

The exciting thing will happen when this document becomes complex, and one of us breaks the agreement. I’ll surely share about that day too. Till then, “Live Long and Prosper!”

This blog belongs to a series of posts I am publishing on a daily streak. Today is day 133. The first two targets were day 21 and 100. The next aim is 150. Here is the first blog that started the streak.

Thank you for reading! See you tomorrow!

~ Sanjeev.




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