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We do it For Our Customers — Our First Company Get Together

Last week we had our company get-together gathering. With the new team from various locations, it was the first one. Some of the people had not even met before. So in many ways, it was a first one. Over the past two years, we have been able to show how you can grow as a company, execute sales and projects — and still be “strangers.”

Tienhaara. Team ROCSOLE has the right momentum. Big things ahead!

Getting together has been on the top of our company wish list for a very long time. The pandemic has not made it more accessible. We have been able to work out our strategy, sales focus, and remote installations and startups during the past years — so getting together should make us even more coherent and unified?

I think it just did that.

A company is not stronger than its’ weakest link. Perhaps not, but I’m not particularly eager to talk about individuals as subjects. People are the most critical asset. Together we are building a world-class company, changing how industries work — for the better. Disruption is challenging changing paradigms in your business. Don’t try this alone.

Initiatives, activities, and changes (within companies) must be of “pull” character. I am positively surprised by how much input and employee-driven suggestions we got. Everyone wants this to happen. Perhaps I should not be surprised. We have a super-critical mission to the planet and must act on it quickly. Our customers are either in the pool of “the most sustainable corporates” or those working on getting there. The ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors are more important than ever.

What about your money?
Shareholder value for the publicly-traded company derives directly from the company’s policies and future development. We need to act now.

So asking everyone — who are we? We got a fantastic response in terms of:

  • Strong team
  • Team spirit
  • Human-centric approach
  • Dreaming big
  • Changing customer preferences (some meant we are changing their culture)

For me, this resonates exceptionally well.

And we found out about solutions and developments that will infinitely rock the foundation of industries. We will detail this later, still too early to reveal.

If you follow our journey, you will know that we want to change how industries work and function to improve safety and operational efficiency and reduce overall emissions and pollution.

Some of the goals were to get the team to build down silos, integrate processes and reduce the “waste” we create in terms of efforts put into adding value. We want to simplify both our processes and products.

Who does this ultimately benefit? OUR CUSTOMERS!

We spent a week continuing our process streamlining, strategy implementation, and product training. I enjoyed it a lot.
In the end, we ran a short evaluation session with everyone — what had been good? What could be improved (or with our technical team, we phrased it, what were the NCR’s — meaning the non-compliances).

Valuable for our customers (and bad for any competition) — everyone wants this to happen again! And run even more in-depth product training.
What could be improved? Well, that is more to tweaks on how we organized this and how well we all had done our preparations. The outcome for the Get Together Two later this year, we have the expectations that we can improve a lot.

People are the most critical asset. We have made a lot of right moves, and the future is looking bright.

This year is our 10th anniversary; with this team, dedication, engagement, and passion, I think we are just at the start of our journey! There are so many improvements we can support within the industry — and then we talk about virtually any with processing and manufacturing dealing with multiphase flows. We will show the way, and the bridging of operational technologies with information technologies is the area where we will show our strengths.

I am proud of our team and the engagement level. We are doing some substantial and unique work internationally. We don’t stop here; this is just the beginning.




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Mika Tienhaara

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