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Websites to Create Value, Earn Money, and Develop Reputation on the Blockchain

There are plenty of opportunities to earn and grow as a contributor to blockchain tech even without being a developer fluent in Solidity, Rust or some other complex foreign computer language. To find these opportunities, you really have to know where to look, and it helps to think “outside the box”

Work of all types is being sought after by blockchain-based companies. The work can range from simple jobs like making memes to more skilled tasks like poap design or in-depth research articles. There are several websites where you can search and find hundreds of jobs or tasks, and a person seeking earning opportunities in any of the places I’ll mention is sure to find some.

The relatively new concept and creation of DAOs, decentralized autonomous organizations, has created a flood of new jobs needing contributors to join in and contribute to community growth, marketing needs, content creation, design tasks, social media growth, management, etc. One such site is Dework, it currently offers a list of over 300 open bounties for a wide range of varying skill sets. The companies and DAOs that are using these sites could be startups or could be established and been around for a couple of years. New bounties are being listed daily and are practically permission less. Once completed, bounties need only approval before they can be added to your portfolio, demonstrating proof of work and reputation as a blockchain contributor.

Dework’s user interface and overall website structure are both pretty easy to understand and navigate. You’ll find plenty of open bounties and many accepting multiple submissions. Other bounties require applications or are by request only, so they’ll need to be assigned by a DAO member or company representative. All communication regarding these bounties can be made through the Discord community for the project.

There is no shortage of jobs needing completion or ways to earn crypto for your contributions.

layer3 website screenshot

Another great place to find some nifty options from some of the most up-and-coming projects is to look on Layer3 at the contests page. There are always some crypto-incentivized jobs that are available to find here. The bounties are more of a source to learn from and gain hands-on knowledge using several blockchain products available. I have noticed an occasional monetary bounty pop up here and there, but most ways to get crypto on Layer3 are on the contest page. Competition is growing, meaning high-quality work is necessary to win. It’s an effective way to see how your work stands up compared to your peers.

The third source for potential work I want to mention is Kleoverse. The ecosystem is new, and the setup is not yet optimal, but there is value to be found here. Various DAOs are using this platform, making it grow to create more profit potential.

Kleoverse website screenshot

Those are my top 3 choices for websites I regularly used to earn or learn. They are all pretty straightforward to use, so they are the best sources for finding bounties, small tasks, and even longer or ongoing projects needing contributors to complete them.

Earlier, I mentioned thinking “outside the box” helps find more chances to earn, and I’ll mention two ideas that will hopefully inspire or even point you towards becoming an active and valued contributor to blockchain growth. The first place to check out is the forum Bitcoin Talk under the thread called Bounty Good. In this forum, you’ll find a fairly reliable list of new projects needing simple tasks that can be performed by anybody and pay in their native cryptocurrency. Not all the projects found here are going to the moon. However, the curator of this list finds valid projects needing quick tasks for the startup’s launch, making it a useful and “outside the box” source of possibilities.

My last and final suggestion is to look within publications just this one, Hackernoon. Often you’ll see contests being sponsored by blockchain companies like Tatum or Bricktrade that generally are offering cash prizes. So leave no stone unturned and no path un-ventured on your journey to becoming involved with the emerging blockchain technology.



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