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Welcoming Easy

The countdown

the image is of a small wooden beack shack on which is painted the national flag of St. Kitts and Nevis. The flags colours are green, red and black and yellow diagonal stripe with two white stars — hope and liberty. The background of the image shows Mount Liamuiga, tall and majestic. The feel of the image is one of hope and belief that a person can go from zero to hero in no time.
Easy. Image captured by author, Ilis Trudie Palmer, Dieppe Bay, St. Kitts, W.I.

I welcome this life of ease,
the ship named hardship has sailed
and fallen off the edge of the earth into the other world,
that place where lands unknown were unknown —
harsh hells.

I open my arms raising them upward
accepting the blessings
of an abundant universe, showering
me with ease and flow;
inviting me to believe in my goodness, my worthiness.

The doubtful words of the doubtful
falling on meaningless ears now draped
in fine diamonds, and rich rubies crafted from the blood, sweat and tears;
mined from the time when fear and doubt reigned,
driving me insane with longing;

But afraid that the dreams were to big to be real
for little me,
what impunity!

That I could wish and believe and achieve,
aided and abetted by a loving universe that knows
my desire
and why I came here,
not to live on the crumbs from someone’s manifestations
but to create my own and watch them come home
to me.

Wrists supporting fists,
receiver is me;
Let my story be told.

© Ilis Trudie Palmer
One Love
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Ilis Trudie Palmer

Ilis Trudie Palmer


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