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To those of us who are ‘different’

Image by Viergacht from Pixabay and edited by writer

At the full moon every month, some people fall sick. They are transformed into this beast and for a painful number of hours; they are totally unaware of what’s going on. If unrestrained, they will cause damage to the people who love them the most and be forced to deal with the effects of their actions for the rest of their lives… what makes it worse is that in just another month, the same thing will happen again.

It is necessary to state that I don’t believe werewolves exist. I believe the werewolf is a theatrical symbolism for those of us who have an embarrassing and sometimes impulsive character or developmental flaw. Now it hits differently, doesn’t it?

Just as we see in the movies, not everyone has to restrain themselves in a cave in some remote location for fear of hurting others. Some werewolves revel in the disaster — still there are those who are not werewolves. For us outside of the movie world, these are people who have no character flaws. Gosh, I sometimes wish I was perfect like them. There are people who don’t lie, don’t use shortcuts of any type, are not lazy, and never fall into any kind of temptation. But the thought leaves me as soon as it comes because in the curse of being of a werewolf, also comes the blessing of heightened instincts, sharp reflexes, an unbeatable sense of smell, and of course, superhuman strength — now these strengths are available to us round the clock, not just in those painful moments of beastiality.

For the liar, it means their creative brain is super active and the best forms of art come from there. A liar can better channel their curse into creating stories (works of fiction in literature or music)

For me, I was diagnosed with ADHD a while back, and that means I am easily distracted. Knowing this, I saw that 9–5 jobs won’t work for me and I couldn’t survive my anti-werewolf medication, seeing as it robbed me of my ability to do many things at once. So what do I do? I decide I am going to do three things and I start on one, the other two become my distractions. Whenever I feel tired and bored from one task, I switch to any of the other two and that is how I am someone with godly multi-tasking skills — yes sometimes it’s hard because there is only one thing to do like when I have to sit for four hours to relock my hair. It feels like I am trapped in a spot and I need to exit my body just to have another experience other than sitting in the same place for hours (it’s that bad).

The werewolf is only a theatrical representation of a much ‘realer’ condition, but unlike the werewolf in the real world, we are fully aware of what we are about to do, even if we say it is impulsive. The blessing is that we are conscious of our flaws, but the curse is that we lose the argument inside our heads just before we give in to it. The liar knows they shouldn’t be lying — the unfaithful partner knows cheating is less than ideal and yes they have the conversation inside their head but without enforced will, that full-moon transformation happens and they have to deal with the people they have hurt for the rest of their lives.

Oh, what it must be like for those who don’t fall to temptations, right? To those people who aren’t werewolves, we hear things like “you have a problem! get it fixed and be normal”. In my case, I was given ADHD meds and while I could focus on one thought for longer than usual, I could actually feel my creativity slipping away. While I was on those meds (for some painful months) I wrote no music, created no stories and I was less vibrant physically. Is this what ‘normal’ is? I asked myself.

I am not here to offer werewolves a cure. There are articles all over the internet that are already trying to fix everything they don’t understand. What I am about today is that we can be the best werewolves we can be. Because when I don’t have society shouting how to be ‘normal’ in my ear, I feel great and I gauge my external world based on the vibrations I feel within.

To every werewolf out there, I don’t think ‘normal’ is for you. Not everybody was meant to have a 9–5 (I guess that’s considered normal). Some struggle with dyslexia and mainstream classroom doesn’t work for them so society says they have a disorder (that’s BS by the way). What they don’t know is that people with dyslexia have many heightened mental powers and the same goes for most of the traits we call flaws.


Only werewolves will get how ‘hard’ it is to be normal and ‘perfect’ in society’s eyes. Only we understand the judgmental look ‘normal’ people try to hide when they come in contact with us and that’s partly because we have believed on some level that these ‘flaws’ are actually limitations. They are not — they are possibilities and potentials which just need to be redirected. Embrace that and let the future open up to the most awesome version you know you can be.



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