What Are The 3 Best Ways To Reach Inbox ZERO For Your Brain?

2. Process The Current Flow In Real Time

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Help Desk (HD): Please create a pst file because you exceeded your Inbox quota!

Me: Doh! I hate Outlook and all those unread emails. I already have 3000 of them stored in a PST (Outlook Data File) folder.

HD: Mr. Diallo, is your login XXXXXXX?

Me calling from my office line with call identification: Yes, it is me, and my email address is example@mycompany.com

HD: Make sure to remove items from your Sent Items folder and your recycled bin, as they add to your quota of 5 GB!

Me: Ok, thank you! I will sure do!

Summer 2018: we decided to migrate to Google to foster more collaboration, as stated by our CIO, Luc Hennekens.

And with the professional GSuite, you have unlimited storage. I don’t have to worry about not exceeding the 15 GB for my personal Gmail accounts.

Yes, I can increase my storage capability without paying an annual fee.

Yes, I know that nothing is infinite in this world except Human stupidity. I know this unlimited storage in some magic cloud high in the sky is not a magical land.

I am aware that I am contributing to global warming with servers running for my unlimited storage, or even my limited storage, and the ones of billions worldwide.

Yet all I see is that I will not need to have any more to worry about exceeding my quota in Outlook. Now sky (pollution) is the limit.

From now on, I can never delete an email and have more labels for my thousand unread messages.

I tried a lot of hacks to get to Inbox Zero when I was in Outlook and had a limited quota. I failed miserably.

“Inbox Zero is a rigorous approach to email management aimed at keeping the inbox empty — or almost empty — at all times.”

Source: WhatIs.com

Now that I can have unlimited storage with Gmail, this will not help me to get to Inbox Zero either. This is a fail-by-design for me!

Thanks, Google!

Which side are you on?



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