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What Could It Mean When ‘The Secret Is Exposed’?

Sometimes your heart speaks louder than your lips

Photo by Susn Matthiessen on Unsplash

Yes, sometimes your heart speaks louder than your lips. It emanates through your eyes. As the saying goes:

The eyes are windows to the soul — Proverbs

In spirituality, the eyes of the heart are unveiled. Most of us could see through our naked eyes which is not beyond a certain dimension.

Usually, those who are gifted with spirituality level tend to hear what another person said from within the heart. This usually happened to the people who love to meditate with faith. They could tell or feel your state or emotions without you explaining.

It is like an occasion of deja vu…

They will not admit in public or personal to you that they can hear, tell or feel you. They may not be aware that they had read you. Only the receiver or recipient will be surprised.

It is like a coincidence, but nothing is coincident in our life.

If someone admits saying he or she can read you, that is a total lie. The nearest of how the person read you is by using spells, magic, or spirit. So do not fall in awe of such lies that they have a “special ability”.

Deja vu?

I had written in an article a few days ago about love. When you can find the inner love within you, the universe will conspire to enjoin all other lovers together with you.

Sometimes, you do not need to speak your love. Why? Because the heart tells.

Today, the secret is exposed. As you read on a later part, you will know what is the meaning of the secret is exposed. Those who watched the Turkish show Kurulus Osman may have understood.

I met Uncle KV who is a Buddhist. I needed to return some loan equipment. I requested a refund of the xxx amount to the actual payee. The transporter gave me a surprise.

“You’re the will executor, huh?” — Uncle KV

I nodded. I hope to facilitate as best as I can for everyone.

He suddenly shared with me how he was a will executor or sort of the distributor of his late father’s wealth. While describing his tough experience where everyone pushed or blamed everything on him, he said to me:

A person with God in his heart is known better. You do not need to have everything. — Uncle KV

He kept advising me (as paraphrased):

“You must be strong ok. You must be tough. Whatever anyone speaks in good or bad to or against you, you must be strong. And if possible, just give them as they wanted. God sees. God knows. You will live longer. Don’t take it to your heart.”

For a moment I was inspired and encouraged. I was impressed.

How did he speak everything about his experiences like he knew what I am going through? I did not even share anything with him.

I smiled.

No doubt a Buddhist believer is deep in their spiritual level. Chants and meditations are not for nothing.

Perhaps he just wanted to assure me if anything goes emotionally wayward, just let it pass. Don’t put it to the heart. And if all is well, then all is well. Praise the Lord. I am praying all is well for everyone.

As I helped him to the lift with the equipment he collected, he said his last peace of mind:

“Remember to be strong. And don’t take things to the heart. God knows. People who truly have religion can be seen and felt from the heart.”

Maa Shaa Allah. Everything belongs to God.

Sometimes God sends His Words, signs, or indications through people. Some Muslims believed it was through Prophet Hizir (Khidir) peace be upon him. Other people acknowledged such occasion as an Angel sent.

Now, what does that “secret is exposed” mean?

I watched the Turkish show where Kumral Abdal who is a Sufi and saint loved to say happily :

Allah, Allah! Allah, Allah!

The secret is exposed!

The secret is exposed!

What he meant was our heart had been exposed…

Whether you are well-intentioned or otherwise, your heart tells. When your heart is well in love, everything is sweet. A painful scar is sweet loving touch and not a sore. Because your heart brings out the love.

The heart tells no lie compared to the eyes. During the isolation days, I read an article from Kris who shared about the rock which she had. It is a ‘happy rock’. I had attached her article at the end of this.

I reflected and it dawned upon me that I had the meditation beads I used for chants. With Kris’s article, at every chant, I made my prayers and words of affirmation. Of course, just like Maryam also mentioned before in one of my past articles:

…Prayers and meditation can do wonders to life when done with faith.…

That is the key.

  • Hope comes from faith. Faith also strengthens Hope. Faith is believing something that we have not seen.
  • But when it comes to the World, then seeing is believing.

Never confuse both.

When the heart is calm and the mind is clear any obstacles are easy.

It starts from the heart.

Today I recommend you to read and get to know an inspirational writer Kris Bedenian. She wrote wonderful articles. This is one of them which I mentioned in the section above about the rock. 🌹

This is one of the best article I noticed from Maryam who I mentioned before. Read on… 🌹

I hope you enjoy this simple writing. I have not been able to begin an article with research and statistic. There is a lot to manage on my plate at this moment.

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