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What Faith is not… Faith is not only unto GOD!

Faith is neutral, you can have Faith in any other things…

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Everyone is operating in FAITH right now… You have Faith, I have faith. We all have Faith, we all operate in Faith. The question is, what is your faith working on?

Romans 12:3b says ‘GOD has dealt with each one a MEASURE OF FAITH’! We are all in Faith. We all operate in faith. It takes faith for any and everything to exist on this earth! We, humans, animals, machinery, the universe, all, are framed by Faith… (Hebrews 11:3)


I CAN or I CANNOT… is Faith

I HAVE or I DO NOT HAVE … is Faith

I AM or I AM NOT… is a faith

Faith is the Substance of things hoped for; Faith is the Evidence of things not yet seen! (Hebrews 11:1)


Our Lord Jesus Christ said in Mark 11:22 ‘Have faith in GOD’ Because it is possible to have faith in any other things .


‘Faith comes by hearing…’ (Rom. 10:17a)

Faith is neutral. Faith tilts towards the highest knowledge bid. Your Faith is Neutral. It takes on the highest knowledge bids. Faith comes by Hearing and Hearing’ Romans 10:17 The more you know about a thing, the more your Faith in it. Your faith will focus on where your knowledge is highest. Your life experiences indicate where your knowledge is highest.

Sickness is killing people, it’s a Faith. There is Lack everywhere, it’s a Faith. I won’t make it, it’s a Faith. I can’t be loved, it’s a Faith. All,of these becomes your realities because your knowledge of the above is highest in your heart!

However, if your focus is on: God’s forgiveness of my sins, Salvation in Christ Jesus, Total deliverance from oppression, Blessings over lack and curses, Favour in Christ, Divine Protection, Divine Healing, …

And your knowledge of the above becomes higher than the other physical realities. Then your Faith will focus on these and they will become your NEW REALITIES… What is your Faith working on, my friend? You have faithalready, Your faith is neutral.

Your Faith only follows the Highest Knowledge you have on an issue. So, want a change of situation? Go for more knowledge. What knowledge, the Knowledge of the Word of God on that issue of concern, and as you increase in your knowledge of what God says and done for you on that matter, GBAM! Your Faith will focus on GOD. And they will become your NEW REALITIES.

Our Lord, Jesus Christ said in Mark 11:22 ‘Have faith in God’! Deuteronomy 30:15 & 19 says ‘I placed before you Life & Dearth, Choose Life that you may live and your descendants!’

The question is: You already have Faith. What is your Faith working on, right now?

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  • Identify the areas of concern in your life
  • Take a second look at them, these are areas, where the knowledge of the problems is higher than the knowledge of GOD’s word in your life
  • Search for scriptures relating to them and especially relating to your desired outcomes
  • Begin to speak them forth… until you get to the ‘Point of Faith’
  • Continue therein until the Word of GOD prevails

When you allow the Word of GOD to grow mightily in your life and on that area of concern. The Word of God will prevail. (Acts 19:20)

This is the fight of Faith, A must for every believer.

Why the Fight of Faith?

Are you in this fight today? Are you winning in this good fight of Faith? Your FAITH is overcoming the world… Therefore, fight the good fight of Faith in that area of concern in your life.

. My dear friend, Pause, Ponder and Think about these things…

We pray this series is a Blessing to you. You are welcomed to share your Comments, Contributions, or Questions with us on this topic.

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… doing CHRIST with you is a BLESSING!

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