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What Happens When Nature Gives Life And Death

“Allah Creates, and Allah Removes.” says the Qur’an

As I ponder upon the daily prompt, I see the papaya tree. There are actually two papaya trees in the backyard.

Nature has strange ways to make things grow and wither. “Allah Creates, and Allah Removes,” I learned a long time ago.

We had a papaya tree that grew when she dumped the seeds in the corner by the fence. It was under the ceiling, and as it grew, it tilted to reach out to the sun. When the fruit started showing up, the bent trunk couldn’t bear the weight and snapped, leaving about two feet of stem sticking out from the ground. We replanted the top part of the trunk in a different part of the backyard, away from the structure. It didn’t survive.

Meanwhile, another tree had started growing next to the first one. As the second tree started leaning, we secured it, holding it back, so it wouldn’t meet the same fate. It has grown beyond the ceiling and bent itself back to reach for the sun.

“Allah Creates, and Allah Removes.”

Then, shoots started sprouting out from the stem of the first tree and it seems it has borne several trunk-like branches.

I don’t know if the leaves from the shoots got tangled with lower branches of the other tree or just that it is not getting enough nutrition, some of the branches in the full-grown tree are withering away, and leaves have wilted.

Tree #2 is bearing fruits as you can see in the first picture, and tree #1 is making a comeback from death, as death is claiming some of the branches from #2.

Today’s Prompt from SCBWI’s daily challenge is WILTED. Thanks, Amy Marley, for introducing me to the challenge.

As always, thank you for reading and responding.

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