What If Everyday Life Was Set To Music?

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Would we feel like movie stars?

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I am a bit of a daydreamer. I am also a massive movie geek. So it is no surprise that I spend a lot of time dreaming about being in movies. One of my ‘hobbies’ is appearing in TV shows or films as an extra in my spare time so I have gained a little knowledge about how productions come together.

Being an extra is very strange. You do long hours and spend a lot of the time nibbling on free food and being nosey. At least I do.

What’s My Point?

Well… I was getting to that…eventually.

When a film or TV show is made there is no background music. You just have dialogue from the talented actors and any background noise from whatever is going on around the actors.

I remember having to pretend to be a mortuary assistant working in the back room of a morgue. They asked me to quieten the noise my boots made as I walked across the floor.

You gave me brand new wellington boots and expect them not to squeak?

It crossed my mind that whether or not I made a noise, it would no doubt be dubbed out and replaced by a tense piece of theatrical music. Post-production music is what adds that bit of tension to a scene or creates a bit of hilarity (depending on the type of film).

If Life Were A Movie

This then got me thinking about how brilliantly music is used to add flavour to a movie. A sweeping orchestral piece can create awe and wonder, like in the Jurassic Park scene where they first see the field of diplodocus’s.

Don’t tell me off if I named the wrong kind of dinosaurs. I am no expert. Brontosauruses and diplodocuses look pretty much the same to me.

In Titanic, the Celtic melody that James Horner added to the scenes where the ship was buoyantly speeding through the waves is well chosen.

What about if your everyday life had a soundtrack…




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