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What Is Leadership.. I Wonder Sometimes..!

Do you?

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

“A boss has the title, the leader has the people.” — Simon Sinek

True. Yet, what is leadership.. I wonder sometimes..! And I wonder about it every time when I read this quote. Do you, too, wonder like me? Or don’t you?

The Intro:

The Qualities of a Good Leader.

You’re wrong!

You’re wrong! If.. .. .. you are looking forward to seeing the qualities of a good leader here.

  • This is not a listicle.
  • Nor am I a guru.

Instead, what can I do?

As I saw many leaders for years, I can show you - what I saw through my eyes!

Are you — In?

Scene — 1

Many years back. (Let’s walk down those years, and let’s walk down the town hall stairs..)

Townhall meeting.

All gathered. Everyone’s there. And — all are upset! Not even one is on their own self. It’s a bitter truth for all. As the journey - will end here. With ‘them’!

All wished — “the day should stand still and should stop after the afternoon. That, no-one have to look at the scary evening. Just not for today”. All wished!

Yet, it has come, unfortunately. As if it’s Almighty’s wish!

The Evening.

All gathered. Everyone’s there. Yet, the town hall is pin-drop silent. Slowly, they all gave up! Started their small talks, the praise talks with great admiration and with the heaviness in their hearts. About ‘them’!

Few shared the learnings they gained! Few shared their wonderful experiences. And few shared their journey with ‘them’!

That day, the townhall witnessed —

  • How moved everyone is.
  • How throats got choked while they spoke.
  • How few got tears in their eyes!

“Bidding farewell is painful.”

The town hall was wrong! It’s not just the same kind, but it’s ONE of a kind farewell. And that’s how the town hall witnesses a farewell to a great leader!

And scene 2?

Walk down this trail. You will find it down here. 👇👇

Scene — 2

J-I-T !!


Lift doors are about to close. She quickly ran and waved her hand. The lift doors opened! Just in-time to office! And, Just in-time to catch the lift!

She pushed herself in and.. ..? Saw her Boss, everyone’s Boss inside. She wished him a “Good day!” firmly. On a 100sec ride to her destiny — a few floors above the ground level, above the Parking lot at minus 1 level!

The 100sec ride to her destiny — came to an end. The lift doors opened and her office floor welcomed her, few floors above the ground level, above the Parking lot at minus 1 level!

She left with a “thank you” to kick-start an awesome week on a Monday morning! Nope!! She isn’t looking at the lift doors —quickly blocking the Boss, the everyone’s Boss inside, from her vision!

“A boss has the title, the leader has the people.” — Simon Sinek

When connecting those two dots from 2 different pages of life, many years later, she sighed and wrote —

Photo by Joseph Barrientos on Unsplash

“Did I see both ends of a broad spectrum?”

What is leadership? I wonder sometimes..!



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