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2. Humility

Ahmadou DIALLO ✪
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4 min readMay 5, 2020


“Overnight success takes 10 years.”

— Quoted by Rainer Figalo

I was discussing with a colleague at Airbus, Rainer Figalo. We were talking about the challenges to build a long, lasting impact within our company in particular and in the world in general.

That is when he shared with me the above quote he was inspired by.

Rainer is a friend at work. I like to call him my buddy, and especially my HugBuddy. We met thanks to our internal social platform called the Hub.

We are Hubbuddies, meaning employees called Hubbuddy who support other colleagues on the platform.

He's based in Hamburg, Germany, and me in Toulouse, France. So, most of our exchanges were virtual conversations behind the screen.

Then, we met IRL (In Real Life) for an internal event that was hosted in Toulouse.

Have you ever discussed with people on dating apps and then met IRL?

Often, it's kind of awkward. Nobody knows what to say.

For Rainer and me, it was totally different. He came directly to see me and said: "Hey, Mad, this is the Rainer, the Hubbudy." And there was the start of our bromance!

My nickname is Mad, one that was given to me by a friend when in engineering school, a derivative form ahMADou.

Mad is the name that I first gave to my wife when we met for the first time at a party. Indeed, when I meet new people at parties, I always tell them my name is Mad.

In 2018, I started vlogging for Airbus. I created an interview series called Chillaxing with…, you guessed it, Mad.

It's a monthly release on our internal social platform where I choose and interview people who inspire me.

So Rainer was one of my guests in the first season in 2018. And I recall during the interview Rainer sharing that he practices Tai Chi daily, which helps him be more present and grounded.

During our exchange, I felt Rainer inspired me as a leader.



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