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What Makes You Average

How many of you are doing these?

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The average category falls right in the middle of the spectrum. It is not great, but it’s also not terrible.

In the classroom, an average gives you a C grade — or passing. You won’t be at the top of your class, and you won’t have to repeat a grade, but that’s okay because in society — if you’re average, then that means you are not struggling with anything and that there is nothing wrong with your life in any way shape or form.

You can easily lose your identity in an average world because everything is so average. Everyone does the same thing because they do their jobs just fine while society revolves around them — simply because you’re doing everything “normally”.

In this article, I will share what makes you average, what things do to make you average, and how you can change yourself to be different.

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1. Average People Had That Idea First

Do you remember that idea you had? The one you were going to change the world with?

That’s what makes you average. You had that idea first. It was your idea, but instead of putting your whole heart into it, you stepped back — and let someone else do it, making them more successful than you will ever be — and that’s because they’re not average. They put their whole heart into it, and best of all, they’re not afraid to fail.

Anytime you hear about something amazing, you think to yourself — “Wow, I had that idea before”. You had that idea to start your own business, but you ended up working for someone else instead. You thought about writing a book or making a short film, but you still haven’t gotten around to it because you’re afraid of failure.

Afraid of what people will think of your work; afraid of what everyone will say if they see how average it is.

The only way to be different from average is by doing things society doesn’t want you to do. Taking risks. Making mistakes and learning from them.

We all have millions of ideas in our heads. What separates us from the more successful ones is that we fail to take that big step forward and do what we truly desire to do — and what we are capable of doing.

Overnight success only exists for people willing to take that step. The overnight success you hear about, the people who have made millions, is only a product of years and years of hard work — not a result of something you could do in one night.

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2. Average People Need Frequent Entertainment

To many people, it never feels like enough. Whether it’s the newest series, the best game, or the hottest song — you’re always after something new. You need it, and when you don’t get it, you feel empty.

Do you know that feeling? It’s that same feeling they have when they fast forward to a scene where something exciting happens. You remember that feeling, right?

Successful people don’t feel that way. They don’t always seek entertainment because they’re not looking for an escape from reality; they’re looking for enlightenment.

The average person focuses on the negative, and as a result, they have low-quality entertainment to fill their time with. This means that the things used to fill up their lives with excitement and joy are now replaced by things they don’t care about. They strive for things that don’t make them feel joy because they’re not enough for them anymore.

They are tired after work, they don’t want to give their full effort to their work, so they feel like the only way to bring them out of this feeling is to force themselves into entertainment for a while.

So what do successful people do instead? They’re going for that next thing that they want — and sometimes that means it’s hard work. Successful people don’t stop because they have too much entertainment in their lives. It’s the opposite: because they have so much going on, the amount of excitement in their lives is only increasing.

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3. Average People Look In The Past

That’s right — ordinary people look in the past. They always want to relive the moments they have had, and they always want to see how much better things used to be.

We all have complicated pasts — but that doesn’t mean we have to take them with us in our modern lives. It’s not like we all spend our lives trying to relive “some” moments.

Successful people look at the present — they also realize that there have been better times than what they can remember, and they don’t regret what happened in the past. They learn from their mistakes, and they make sure not to repeat them.

Missing your childhood doesn’t bring it back; missing five minutes in your life won’t bring those five minutes back. Focus on the work you can do right here and right now. Stay focused, and don’t get distracted by your past or what everyone else is doing.

The past will always be the past — your mistakes will stay there as well. Successful people know that they have to leave their mistakes behind and keep pushing. Brush that dust off your shoulder and get going. Focus on the now! You don’t have to live in the past.

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4. Average People Blame Others

The average person always fails to take responsibility for their actions, and they hold on to the easy way out as much as possible. They find it easier to blame others than it is to accept that they might be wrong.

“My teacher doesn’t teach me anything,” is what an average person would say — or “My boss makes me work hard, he’s a jerk.”

They always want attention, but they don’t want the responsibility. Some people prefer to hold on to their hardships and let them out on other people rather than take action themselves. That’s how the average person thinks.

Successful people do things differently, though. Most of them will blame themselves before blaming others, especially when something goes wrong with a project or a task. They think of all the reasons why it happened and who caused it, and then they try to find the solution within themselves rather than pointing the finger at someone else.

You only have so much time in the day, and you can only do as much as you can do. If you point the finger at someone else, you’ll never be able to achieve what’s in your heart. You have to focus on the things that are in your control and then blame yourself when something goes wrong.

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5. Average People Want Guarantees

Have you shown somebody an opportunity to invest in an upcoming IPO or a solid business opportunity, or even just an investment trading course, and they say:

“I don’t have enough money to invest. I don’t want to risk my money, and I’m not interested in taking any risks.”

You see this kind of response all the time with ordinary people. They’re looking for a guarantee. They want something that they know will work because too much depends on it — otherwise, why should they take a risk? Without a guarantee, it’s too risky.

Successful people are the complete opposite. They’re taking a calculated risk, and they’re looking for things that have the potential to fail so they can turn them into things that are going to work. There’s no guarantee in life; it’s all a game of chance — or, if you want to be more precise, a game of skill — and the only way to maximize your chances is by taking risks.

Ordinary people are constantly looking for “safer” opportunities, but it doesn’t work that way. Those opportunities don’t exist.


In conclusion, you’ve got to follow your intuition. Don’t follow the herd. If it’s working for you, do more of what works and less what doesn’t, and you’ll be successful in life.

Make decisions based on common sense instead of the latest fads that are on top of everyone’s mind all the time. This kind of attitude will serve you well in every area of life.

I hope you like it and find it useful.




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