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What No One Tells You About Success

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

Everyone talks about growth

But no one talks about




We are often all about going to the next step of our development towards the things which help us expand and live more

We’re usually soooo focused on “growing” we forget to “grow” into growth, and once we’ve grown then we soon realize we have to manage growth (especially mentally)

This is a trend that’s not hard to see when people become “successful”

How many “successful” people continue to succeed whether their success is measured in position, wealth or fame?

And how many “hit the top” and fall off?

When a bird develops its wings fully it has to learn to adapt to its weight, and it has to learn how to use them by trying to fly

Even the bird has to learn how to manage its growth and how to grow into it

How are you managing your growth?

Are you mentally preparing yourself to step into your new shoes? The one you’ve been awaiting with excitement?

Or are you just always focused on getting a new pair?



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