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What on Earth Am I Doing with My Life?

A poem

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Someone’s rising, someone’s falling,

And then there is me.

No idea of where I am going,

Or what life has in store for me.

Monday begins and meetings take over,

While you’re still reeling from a weekend hangover.

Not the kind where you got drunk in a pub,

Rather stuck at home and watching movies non-stop.

Life is strange and full of mysteries,

Take COVID-19 for instance, that made history.

Second wave hits Mumbai, and it’s 2020 all over again,

Lockdown news tops the news bulletin, yet again.

Somewhere in this chaos, you begin to question your life’s purpose,

Where uncertainty is a constant, and certainty is invisible.

Anxiety kicks in as long-term goals seem like a failure.

You wonder is this situation ever going to change, as March is also here.

Write and look back at your journal, its time to change your goals,

When nothing makes sense, it is a sign to look within and introspect.

Maybe the goals we planned aren’t something worth fighting for,

We now can rethink and work on what we truly want.

During this exercise we must remember, everyone is on their own timeline,

We are not behind or ahead, but exactly where the sea of life meets the shoreline.

Yes, we have no idea what life has for us in store,

But trust that the universe is working for us and ‘how’ we don’t need to know.

So, get busy, redefine goals and don’t take life too seriously,

Be grateful that you lived to see another day and witness another date in history.

You may still wonder what the hell am I doing with my life,

But keep working and stop worrying, as when you find your purpose knocking on the door,

You’ll be ready to welcome it with open arms,

As you did the work, rather than wondering what’s in store for tomorrow.




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