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What you can learn from my one massive mistake

We need to embrace what is lost.

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Mistakes, we all make them. Some bigger than others. Mine is pretty big. As you may not know, I started writing at the start of the year. We are three months deep and I have written 20 articles. The quality of such articles is unknown. It’s an objectionable thing. I would say they aren’t the best. But that’s not why you’re here. You want to know the massive mistake I made around a month ago.

I was enjoying writing in lockdown. Free time was a once-in-a-lifetime thing. I must admit I have wasted, but I tried to make up some of the lost time by writing. So that is what I did. This leads me to my mistake.

As lockdown lifted and I went back to school, the time disappeared. Left with little free time trying to recuperate lost learning and in all this madness I stopped.

I stopped writing, yes this is by far my biggest mistake. I’m trying to start it back up because why not? I should have never left. I may have needed this time, but I shouldn’t have given it up.

It sucks it really sucks trying to get back into the swing of things. Writing is an escape.

Now you may think that I have been unproductive during this time of absence. Yes, and no is the answer to that thought. Not all hope has been lost.

Too many projects at once.

I’m young and want to make a name for myself. I thrive on ideas, my mind skipping from one to another without committing to one specific idea. The writing was one of these ideas that stuck and then let go of the lack of commitment. I was earning not much, but enough to prove the concept. This was not enough for me I wanted more I got greedy and gave up.

Continuing the search for businesses that were for later in life nothing for the present. Then one day my friend who I previously tried to start a podcast suggested we rebranded and started a new one.

Good luck finding the old one, it’s still up, only 5 episodes yes once again lost to the lack of commitment. In retrospect, it was terrible. No structure and poor audio quality, 2 of the key components of a podcast. But now we are coming back. It’s in the works and I’m proud to say it’s called the donut chronicles. Check it out. I’ve also put it upon myself to start a solo podcast about business, finance, and politics. This is still in the works, I will be fully transparent about the inner workings no matter what happens.

Please ignore the shameless plugging, but please check them out, we have so much to give and little to lose.

The lesson to be learnt

Throughout this is one major lesson we can all learn from. Commitment. We all need it. It is what makes us productive. Whether you like it, you need to see projects to the end. If like me you have given up on something you enjoyed for no simple reason. It will take a lot of willpower to recuperate what is lost.

I’m back though, and it’s different this time. I’m really going to focus on quality over quantity, just slowing down, I rushed into it last time and got burnt out. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. I seemed to have forgotten that in all this chaos.

I need someone to nag me to carry on sometimes that is all it takes. A voice, no matter how small, to give you the courage to commit. That’s what I lack in both writing and school. I keep wishing something will go right when I know I control what happens. Do not give in to the false ideal of wishing and manifesting. It doesn’t work. Meditate, humble yourself, silence the ego, become selfless. Do anything to improve. That is what the world needs.

Everyone needs to try a little harder and not give in so easily. We would slowly gain the utopia we all desire for ourselves. Improve, I know self-help people say improve 1% a day. That’s good and all, but how do we actually achieve that is a different story. So I pose this theory to you. Improve by 1% each week. This is realistic and shouldn’t place too much stress on your shoulders. Eventually, you will see a difference.

Anything is better than nothing.

This has been an enlightenment of my desire to write, and I hope you enjoyed the read. Follow me for more writing that is soon to come.



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