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What’s the Secret of the Long-Livers Good Health?

Find out about five powerful yet affordable antioxidants

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Smoking and drinking vigorous people who lived to be 100 years old or more. How can that be? One of the reasons is antioxidants.

The term “antioxidants” applies to a range of substances that inhibit or delay oxidation. In the context of body health, scientifically speaking, antioxidants are inhibitors directed against so-called free radicals.

What’s up with our long-time residents? A 2007 study confirmed that antioxidants not only don’t lengthen life, but they can also shorten it. I appreciate your attention. Good… Wait!

  • Antioxidants will make your life healthier.

The thing is, the job of antioxidants is not to prolong your life. As I wrote earlier, antioxidants suppress or inhibit the oxidative process. And this will prevent you from developing diseases such as heart disease and cancer. These two diseases are at the top of the causes of death, one in three Americans dying from them.

If I’ve convinced you that antioxidants are necessary, then let’s talk about where to get them. Today we’ll talk about the most common five ones.

1. Vitamin C

The list of foods that contain it would take more than one page. Vitamin C is involved in fighting all kinds of inflammation. Modern medicine is returning to natural forms of vitamin C in its prescriptions.

2. Chlorogenic acid

Is there anyone here who doesn’t drink coffee? Chlorogenic acid is a well-known antioxidant, and you can find it in coffee.

An older 2013 review reports that chlorogenic acid may help lower blood sugar levels and reduce insulin spikes by reducing carbohydrate absorption in the digestive tract.

3. Green tea

Many of you know that green tea is a powerful antioxidant.

A 2011 study said that green tea is very good at counteracting cancer. Another study noted that drinking green tea at meals is a relatively easy habit to maintain a healthy periodontium.

4. Cocoa

Cocoa, an essential ingredient in all authentic chocolate and cocoa products, is a highly complex food source. Cocoa is also high in antioxidants, namely flavonoids.

Scientists concluded that flavonoids from cocoa are beneficial for cardiovascular health.

5. Curcumin

Curcumin is an excellent antioxidant, about which I have an article.

Curcumin can relieve inflammation and prevent the risk of heart disease. You can find curcumin in turmeric. But remember, you need to consume turmeric with piperine for it to be absorbed. It’s the primary active component of black pepper.

The Bottom Line

There are over 8,000 different antioxidants in nature. All of them will benefit our bodies in one way or another. But it is important to remember that everything must be in moderation.

Increase the number of antioxidants in your diet and be healthy.

I hope you enjoyed reading this

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