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When a Cigarette speaks

Photo by Ali Yahya on Unsplash

Man: Your butt is so soft; I want to play with it
Cigarette: sucking my butt makes people happy.

Man: is your humor why you are illegal to be sold to minors?
Cigarette: just keeping up with you. This is an unusual time for a smoke. What’s the occasion?

Man: cigarettes after sex
Cigarette: Awesome! I’m glad you had fun.

Man: Yeah, I was listening to songs by “Cigarettes after sex”, and I was reminded of you
Cigarette: why didn’t it remind you of sex?

Man: it did, and I approached my wife
Cigarette: please tell me you didn’t crack your erectile dysfunction joke

Man: I did, and it became a reality unfortunately
Cigarette: your solution is to smoke?

Man: yes!
Cigarette: I get it: I am smoking hot, and you are obsessed with my butt.

Man: how about vaping viagra?
Cigarette: now I am not bad enough for you?

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