When Autistic Burnout Won’t Go Away

How can I deal with the fact that most careers aren’t well-suited to me?



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The morning I cried over my job was the moment I realized I needed to quit.

I applied for the job during the summer of 2022, while taking a university course related to the position. It was still a shock to me when the company offered me an interview, though.

I had spent months trying (and failing) to find work. When they offered me the position, I accepted without hesitation.

This turned out to be a mistake.

The term “autistic burnout” originated within the autistic community. It describes the extreme exhaustion experienced by some autistic people. This exhaustion can be mental, emotional, and/or physical.

Characteristics of autistic burnout include (but are not limited to):

  • Exhaustion
  • Difficulty managing emotions
  • An increase in autistic traits
  • A sudden loss of skills
  • Increased sensory sensitivity
  • Social withdrawal
  • Physical pain and headaches

It started as an informal community term, but lately, an increasing number of scientific…




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