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When Do You Learn To Give Up?

Just like a flame will eventually burn out; Just like life will eventually turn into dust and be forgotten, there is a limit to when we finally learn to give up and seek tranquility in the turmoils of life

Curtains flapped wildly at the window sill

The wind howled through the tiny gaps in the house

The room temperature dropped by a handful

But not as much as the chilly cold heart

Tears rolled down the rosy cheeks

As free-flowing as ever

One might wonder when would it ever stop

Or will it never stop?

Hurtful words from the one you loved

Left a permanent scar in the fragile heart

Which bleed till there was none left

Even so, the scar still screamed for attention

Reminding one of its existence

When the one you loved apologised and said that those words were a moment of anger

The ears received these words gently

The brain received these words kindly

But the heart shut its doors and never opened

Thank you for the pain which reminded one of what it meant to be alive

To be alive to learn and experience

With that, the heart grew stronger than before

Ready to take on any turmoil and future endeavours

Life as it is, as it claims to be, we never know until we experience it ourselves

For all that takes, we just need the courage to live on bravely with optimism.



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