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When You Hit the Curb While Balancing Writing With Your 9–5

How to reset and find the fine balance again

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Creating content daily or as regularly as you have decided can be very daunting, especially if you are juggling it with a 9–5, another creative career. You find yourself constantly needing to work to keep up. They are all important to you and you want to prove to yourself that you can do it all. Besides, you are hungry for success and you like the milestones that you have achieved so far.

Then, you think, you need to rest a bit, take some time for yourself so that you can get your juices flowing more easily.

Except that it became even more difficult. You are now struggling to get back on your feet to create. It seems you have experienced some creative block but you don’t believe in blocks.

Whatever you choose to call it if you find yourself struggling to create or off-balance it might be time for you to reevaluate your work, schedule, and goals.

Block doesn’t just come from a lack of inspiration, it sometimes comes from a place of doubt and fears. Self-criticism can block the flow of your creative juices.

To get back on track and keep creating here are a few things to do

  1. Figure out where the problem is coming from

It might be a challenging recent project that made you doubt your abilities and skills. It left you wondering if you even know what you are doing at all or if it all makes sense. Or maybe it’s the fact that most of your content is not doing as well as you thought. The key is to understand that you are growing and the only time you fail is if you quit. You might be stuck for a while but as long as you keep your head down, you’ll turn the corner and the view of the city would just be on the verge.

2. List your goals all over again

Writing down your goals again would encourage clarity. Maybe you have added some new goals to the existing ones and it upset your balance. List all your goals — the new and the old, review them. Which ones are still relevant, why is the new one important? Those questions would give you clarity and you can power on from there on

3. What is the moment trying to teach you

As a content creator, one of your greatest sources of inspiration would be the lessons that you are learning at the moment. Albeit, those times of confusion, headlock have teachable moments in them. They are the times that you shouldn’t worry about because it is going to rob you of the lessons.

4. Be patient

Be patient with yourself. Don’t freak out when you stumble in your content creation journey. It will worsen your situation, it might lead to fear and anxiety and those are negative emotions that might lead to you abandoning the whole thing entirely. Trust that you are going to pick up real soon.




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