When You Touch This Dimension, God Becomes Your Slave

What is the secret to harnessing the power of “I AM” consciousness to advance spiritually and manifest the best possible outcome for your life?

Carl Gerber (aka Kristopher Raphael)


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In a talk on Chitta (pure cosmic intelligence), Sadhguru, a modern-day Indian mystic, referred to a saying among yogis, ‘When you touch this dimension, God becomes your slave.’

“When people touch this dimension [Chitta], the yogis have a mischievous way of expressing it. It is said, “God will become your slave.” He works for you from now on.” — — Sadhguru

When Accessing the Level of Pure Consciousness, the Best Possible Outcome Manifests for You

Sadhguru is referring to a dimension of the mind called Chitta. Chitta links to pure consciousness. In the science of yoga, all matter begins in consciousness and is created from this consciousness. Chitta connects to the basis of creation within you. It connects you with your consciousness. When you access this level of consciousness, you are at the seat of creation. In the words of Sadhguru, “You do not even have to wish for anything. You do not have to dream of anything — the best possible thing that can happen to you will happen.”

Another similar saying among yogis is, ‘’Shiva is my servant. He does everything for me.’’ In the ancient Vedas, Shiva represents consciousness. When you can access Shiva(consciousness) by accessing the dimension of Chitta, Shiva provides for you, and all your needs are met.

The concept that everything we see manifest in “the world begins in consciousness” is not limited to yogic and Vedic spiritual texts. Around one hundred years ago, Western scientists began to explore the relationship between consciousness and matter.

All Matter Manifests From Consciousness

In the early 1900s, scientists began to explore the notion that all matter begins in consciousness. Max Planck (1858–1957), the “father” of quantum physics, said, “I regard matter as derived from consciousness.” Quantum mechanics finds that everything is broken down into energy, where matter can be thought of as a “slowed down” version of energy. As energy becomes denser, it becomes form and manifests into matter, the 3D world we live in.

“The world arises when consciousness takes on shapes and forms, thought forms and material forms.” — — Eckhart Tolle

Mind Over Matter

In quantum mechanics, the observer effect is the fact that the mere act of observing something changes the object being observed. The act of our looking at something impacts the behavior of the thing we are watching.

The Austrian physicist Wolfgang Pauli was an esteemed theoretical physicist and a Nobel laureate. However, he had a reputation for causing disaster simply due to his presence. If Pauli was near an experimental physics laboratory, beakers would crack, oscilloscopes would cease functioning, and expensive equipment would catch fire. This phenomenon would soon be dubbed the “Pauli Effect:” a propensity for disaster striking whenever he was near a laboratory. How could this be? Was there some unseen force emanating from Pauli that disturbed the environment around him?

Pauli was having difficulties in his personal relationships. He decided to get help from the most famous psychologist of the time, Carl Jung. Jung was fascinated by Pauli’s condition and was excited to have a scientific mind like Pauli to pursue his work on dreams.

Over time, Jung became friends with Pauli. When on April 24, 1948, Jung proudly opened his C.G. Jung Institute, a beautiful building, he invited Pauli to attend the opening ceremony. When Pauli arrived at the ceremony, there was a loud smashing sound. For no apparent reason, a beautiful Chinese vase dropped off a shelf, fell to the floor, and smashed into pieces. Later, Pauli wrote to Jung, “When the funny “Pauli effect” of the overturned flower vase took place at the founding of the C.G. Jung Institute….” Pauli believed that his mere presence affected things inside and outside the laboratory.

Jung developed the theory of Synchronicity in an attempt to explain the relationship between the psyche and matter. Pauli disagreed with specific details of Jung’s theory. However, both Pauli and Jung agreed that science could no longer ignore the relationship between the inner world of the psyche and the outer material world.

Raising Your Consciousness to the Level of Chitta

The Difference Between Intellectual Intelligence and Chitta

Chitta is pure intelligence untethered by memory. It is sometimes called the living mind, Cosmic Intelligence that is free from identification. It is pure knowingness.

On the other hand, the intellect cannot function without memory. Anything perceived, heard, read, or seen is immediately bounced off of existing memory by the mind. As soon as this happens, the original perception is changed. Intellect is like a computer. Without input, whether from the outside or from its internal memory, it cannot function. The intellect’s conclusions are dependent on the data it receives

If the computer has the wrong data in its memory, it will give a skewed output. The same is true for the human mind. Everyone has a different memory based on their conditioning, experience, and education. No two people have the same memory. Because of this, everyone interprets what they see and hear differently and often reaches different conclusions about it. Depending on the individual’s conditioning and beliefs, a bias is formed.

Internal Bias Due to Previous Memories

Neuroscientists have found that your interpretation of visual information is influenced by your previous experiences and internal biases when you form a memory. When recalling an event, the bias often becomes even more skewed. This is called the ‘faulty eyewitness’ phenomenon. When witnesses recall what they witnessed, there is a tendency to add facts to the memory that did not originally exist.

The Faulty Eyewitness Testimony

There is a story about a California lawyer trying to get his client off the charge by showing inaccurate witness testimony. At the beginning of the trial, the lawyer introduced himself, pretending to be the driver, and said he would represent himself. The judge called on the driver. The lawyer posed as the driver took the stand.

The police officer that ticketed him was summoned to confront the driver. From the stand, the lawyer, pretending to be the driver, asked the police officer questions such as, “Am I the driver?” “What was I wearing?” The police officer confidently testified that he saw the “defendant” that night violating the traffic rule and ticketed him. The lawyer finally revealed his true identity and used it as evidence to show how inaccurate the officer’s testimony was!

Unfortunately, the lawyer lost his law license as it is unethical for an attorney to deceive the court. But he made his point by showing how faulty eyewitness testimony can be.

Due to the mind’s subjective nature, it cannot operate on the level of Chitta. Chitta is pure intelligence. It does not rely on past data. There is no time (past, present, future) in Chitta. It is unconditioned knowingness.

Rising Above the Conditioned Mind

To reach the dimension of pure intelligence, you must rise in consciousness above the conditioned mind. One way to do this is to dis-identify with it. The average person identifies with their thoughts. However, during deep meditation, it is possible to slow down thoughts and move into the awareness of an expansive, non-conditioned aspect of self that exists beyond the level of thought.

The awareness of this non-conditioned self is referred to by various terms such as self-presence, pure beingness, the True Self, or the “I AM.”

Neti Neti

There are various meditation techniques that, when practiced consistently, raise your consciousness to the non-conditioned Self. Neti Neti is one such technique that emerged in India over 8000 years ago. This Sanskrit expression translates as “not this, not that.”

The technique is to become aware of your thoughts. When a thought arises, say to yourself, “I have this thought, but I am not this thought.” The same can be done with any emotions that come up. “I have this emotion, but I am not this emotion.” The goal is to recognize that you are not defined by your thoughts and feelings. They are not who you are.

Over time, you shift your identity from the self conditioned by thoughts and feelings to the unconditioned Self, the “I AM.”

The Secrets Available in the Realm of Chitta

As the practice of meditation and mindfulness has become prevalent, more people have been able to touch the dimension of “I AM.” At this level of consciousness, there is a deep sense of expansiveness and oneness with all. There are feelings of bliss, love, and liberation. When entering this state, it is easy to just be, to stew in bliss. When in this level of consciousness, the dualistic nature of the earth-life system falls away into non-duality.

Many are content to just be in this state of non-duality. However, ancient yogis discovered that his level of consciousness is a doorway to much more if one chooses to enter. And it is a choice you make. At this level, there is no wrong choice. One choice is to enter the doorway to the realm of Chitta.

Balls of Knowingness in Chitta

As you move into Chitta, there is a sense of all-knowingness. You understand the meaning of your life, and any questions you have are answered. In my personal experience, the knowledge in Chitta comes in the form of giant balls of knowingness. The knowingness is downloaded into my mind. However, the sheer amount of information in the ball of knowingness can take a considerable time for the mind to process. There have been times when my mind has taken over a week to process it. Robert Monroe, who formed the Monroe Institute in 1962, called these balls of energy R.O.T.E.s, ‘Related organized thought energy.’ He received these when traveling out of body to different dimensions.

The Beauty of Manifesting from Chitta

The horizontal dimension is the dimension of doing and growth. The vertical dimension is the dimension of being and evolution. The ego tends to operate in the horizontal dimension, as does most mass consciousness. The horizontal dimension is necessary to operate and survive. You must do and take actions to live. If you want to be successful at work, for example, there are actions you must take.

The vertical is connected to the source of all life and higher aspects of the Self. As you raise your level of being, you move up the ladder of consciousness in a vertical dimension. Your transcendental nature, which exists beyond time and space, is high on the vertical dimension.

When you rise up in consciousness, you lose identification with past conditioning, emotional wounding, and beliefs, all of which can cause inauthentic desires. When a desire is inauthentic, it leads to unfulfilling manifestations.

Conscious manifesting requires that you operate from your essential or authentic self. Conscious manifestation leads to true expansion and fulfillment.

The beauty of the system and Chitta is that you cannot rise to the level of Chitta if you are too entrenched in the horizontal dimension, operating from ego. To rise in consciousness and access Chitta, the vertical dimension, beingness, must take precedence. Only then are you able to tap into the power of Chitta.

This is what Eckhart Tolle means when he says,

“Manifestation can only be satisfying and truly effective when it arises out of the Being state of consciousness.”

The Secret to Activating the Power of Manifesting in the Dimension of Chitta

Chitta is the realm of Cosmic intelligence. It is also the connection to the power of manifestation. Being pure intelligence, Chitta knows what is necessary to meet your needs and will manifest it in your life. However, through accessing Chitta, you can choose to consciously manifest. You can choose to expand at this level of your true Self, just as All That Is chose to expand when creating the cosmos. You can expand Self and your world through conscious manifesting.

How to Consciously Manifest from Chitta

Consciously manifesting from the dimension of Chitta is actually quite simple. The challenging part is raising your consciousness to the level of Chitta. You do this through growth work such as healing emotional wounding, and spiritual work such as meditation, yoga, or practices like Neti Neti I mentioned previously.

You Do Not Create

When manifesting, you do not do the creating. The power of creation lies in forces much larger than the human being. If you wish to have a child, for example, your job is to put creation in motion through the act of sex. The actual creation of a new life is then out of your hands. The intelligence of the life force that creates a new life is far greater than human intelligence.

There is a story about three scientists that discovered how to create a new life from dirt. They called upon God, bragging, “Look, God, we no longer need you to create life. We made a human out of dirt!”

God simply replied, “What happens if I take away the dirt?”

The fact that you do not do the creating makes it simpler to manifest. You only need to activate the power of creation.

How to Activate the Power of Creation

Chitta contains the Divine intelligence necessary to create what you wish to manifest. But you must activate it. You activate it through the power of intention.

The Process

The process is simple. Take what you wish to manifest and turn it into an intention. Move into the state of being what it is you intend. Who are you as the person with what you wish to manifest, already manifested?

Be the person that has the manifestation. Stay in beingness and intend to be that person. Hold your intention for a few minutes.

When you feel comfortable being that person, let the intention and what you wish to manifest go and move into just being. Let all the details, images, and thoughts about what you want to manifest go.

Through meditation, Neti Neti, or whatever process works best for you, raise yourself up in consciousness to the level of “I AM.” Choose to move into the dimension of Chitta and just be. Bathe in the energy of Chitta for as long as feels comfortable.

Remember, when you raise your consciousness to the level of Chitta, you do not bring the thoughts and pictures with you. If you have intended it, Chitta already knows what it is you wish to manifest and will manifest it in the best way possible.

The last thing you need to do is to get out of the way. Let go of any grasping or repelling you may have. Surrender to the powerful intelligence of Chitta and trust that it knows what is perfect for you.

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