While Everyone Is Watching Netflix, Successful People Adopt the 2% Mindset

“Quit a job. Get a divorce. Sh*t in your pants. Roll in the mud.”

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7 min readJun 30, 2022


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Achieving extraordinary results isn’t the lottery.

There’s no luck. Some kind gentleman with a pink bow tie and a polite British accent doesn’t say “here you go Sir/Madam, now be on your way chappy and bless the world with your gifts.” Nope.

That’s a naughty fantasy I just had about what I wish success could be like.

The truth is nothing worth having comes easy. That’s what makes it worth it. That’s why achieving whatever success is to you is so bloody brilliant.

During the darkest period of my life I sat on my ass and watched the equivalent back then of Netflix. Mindless entertainment that made me feel dead inside. Back-to-back 7-Eleven slurpees. More skittles and Kit Kats than should be legal according to the sugar police.

The 2% mindset explains where I was back then and where I am now. The difference can help you rethink your next big decision.

98% of the population do this

(This is also a list of things to avoid in life)

Be like everyone else

I call them sheep.

They walk, talk, and act all the same. Stuck in the Matrix. If one person screams, they scream (louder).

If some virtue signaling busy body changes their social media profile photo to whatever is the in fashion ‘good cause,’ they do too. Lots of signaling. No action to help the good cause.

If there’s a trending news item full of outrage, they’re outraged. It’s not that they want to be like everyone else. It’s just they don’t think for themselves.

Randoms transplant ideas into their head that live rent free.

A cup of coffee with one drop of arsenic will still kill ya. That’s what bad ideas do. Except you don’t die and there’s no funeral. Nope. But you die a little each day as the bad idea virus infects your life.

Be insecure



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