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Why Did You Choose Writing in the First Place?

You would need it to keep going because you would feel like quitting a lot.

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I don’t know about your reason, but I will tell you about mine. First of all, writing comes naturally to me. I knew I was good at writing, but I didn’t think I will be a professional writer.

One day, I started writing out my thoughts on my phone — one thing led to another, then I started freelancing, and one year later, I’m here.

Writing was easy for me. It didn’t — and still doesn’t feel like work — which is why when I got my first freelancing job, I was amazed at how easily I made the money.

So, I chose writing because it came naturally to me, and I saw it as something I could really excel at.

I don’t know why you chose to become a writer, but why I need you to keep your reason in mind is for it to be a guide.

When you know the reason why you started something, you wouldn’t easily quit and look for something else to do when things get tough.

As a professional writer, you would have some months with scarce work, and it would feel like you should move into another business.

I think this is the only thing I’ve done that I’ve stuck with — and it’s just been a year, to show you how quickly I switch hustles — It’s weird how I don’t see writing as a hustle. I see it as something I would do forever because of how seamless it is — to me.

If your reason for starting isn’t strong enough, before long, you will get tired and look for something else to do.

I liked writing from day one, and I would keep at it.

It’s like a relationship — When you enter one for the right reasons, it will last, and the issues would not sway you in the relationship — You would stay in it and fight for it.

You would fight through the rejections, annoying clients, disappointment, trains of imposter syndromes, etc.

Did you choose writing because you heard people make money from it quickly, or is it a passion?

When I started freelancing, I always thought I didn’t have to learn anything — Just to sit down and write — that it wasn’t difficult.

When I started reading Copywriting Materials and learning Sales techniques, I saw that there’s still so much more to learn than I thought.

I kept on going because I was interested in the whole process.

There are times where I would be on Twitter and see people making money from Dropshipping, Forex, Web design, etc., and as life might have it, that week might have been a slow week — no clients coming in.

I would be tempted to start something else, but what stops me is the reason I started — writing was my thing, and slow weeks are part of the process.

I see it beyond the money — The money is good, but I try not to focus entirely on the money. My focus is on creating — continuously

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Writing is a reward on its own. It’s therapeutic and builds the discipline in you to keep coming back to create content every single day.

Money finds its way to locate people who produce ValueValue.

You may be seeing people doing other things making money while you’re having a slow week or slow month, but what they don’t show you is their slow weeks and slow months because everyone has them — No matter the profession.

It’s a ball that keeps rolling — Sometimes you have so much work on your hands that you have to link the client to another Writer; while at times, you barely get work for weeks.

What’s abnormal is moving to something entirely different because you feel what you’re doing is not bringing enough money.

At those moments, you should do two things.

  • Create more Value
  • Ask yourself why you started.

Creating More Value is your daily duty, no matter what you do. It’s what attracts prospects to you.

In my Guide for Attracting High Paying Clients for Writers, I shared a cold emailing strategy where you have to create a free article upfront for your client. This strategy makes them see your skill immediately without you having to talk too much. The conversation rate is higher than just cold emailing plainly — By the way, I used it to get a $1000 retainer from a client from Linkedin.

There are several things you can do when work is slow that would get you paid sooner or later. You can write an ebook, grow your email list using free materials, or blog — You just can’t sit by idly — You have to keep yourself busy.

Ask yourself why you started… Again

I know, but it’s essential to keep reminding yourself why. That’s what married people do when their marriage hits the rocks. They try to rekindle their love by finding out the reason why they got married in the first place. And in no time, they are happy again.

Keep asking yourself why you decided to start writing in the first place — that’s what will drive you to keep going.



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