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Why Ditching People-Pleasing Behaviour Is the Best Thing You Can Ever Do For Yourself

Being authentic is much more fun

Image: Daniel Apodaca on Unsplash

Let me give you some examples of my old people-pleasing habits

  • I would say yes when I’d rather say no
  • I would allow people to talk excessively without them listening in return (emotional dumpers)
  • I would help in the family even when others would not
  • I didn’t ask for support because I feared their anger and rejection
  • I would let others manipulate me to keep the peace
  • I would give far more than I would receive in a relationship
  • I would be available all the time for my friends and loved ones even though they were not available for me
  • I would say nothing when I disagreed with someone who had strong opinions
  • Even when I was angry, I would say nothing
  • I would chase after people who gave crumbs in return

How I stopped people-pleasing

  • Why am I people-pleasing?
  • Do I need to do this?

What to expect when you stop people-pleasing

Final thoughts —



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