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Why do Hitlers succeed?

Understanding the role of Indoctrination and Propaganda in Governance

“Can men and women who consider it normal to assist the weak, to heal the sick, to protect small children, and to respect the wisdom of their elders understand what happened there? Would they be able to comprehend how, within that cursed universe, the masters tortured the weak and massacred the children, the sick, and the old?”

Auschwitz-Birkenau-Concentration Camp: Image by Jacek Abramowicz from Pixabay
Monument in Pyongyang dedicated to Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il: Image by Alex_Berlin from Pixabay

“They were Computer majors, but, they did not know the existence of the internet. They had never heard of Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs. Facebook, Twitter, none of those would have meant a thing. And I, could not tell them.”

Propaganda slogans painted on walls in China: Screenshots from One Child Nation, Chicago Media Project



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