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Why Do Investors Laugh at Nietzsche’s Demon?

Markets have been through this before and will go through it again

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No one alive has seen anything like what we are seeing now. That doesn’t mean nothing like it has ever happened. We are limited by our experiences, no matter how long we’ve been around. Rarely do we happen on a truly original idea. As time marches on, the world undergoes more…




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Telling a real law from a fake one: A flowchart with “Observation” at the bottom. Observation leads to “Facts”, and Facts lead to “Hypothesis”. And hypotheses warrant “Experimentation”. Experimentation leads simultaneously to laws as well as theories. Laws and theories intereact with each other as well as with experimentation.

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Gordon Toy

Writer and analyst based in Melbourne, Australia. Investing, markets, politics, history of economic thought. More at:

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