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Why Do We Collect Data?

What is the data and why does it matter?

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Data is one of the fancy words we have used in our daily lives and keep doing. With the new computer technologies, it is used more than ever. But do we really know what really it is? According to the dictionary definition, it is the information used to be examined, considered, and to aid decision making, especially facts or numbers, or information in electronic form that can be stored and used by a computer. Basically, the information is collected for specific usage.

Actually, we have many reasons to do this. These are my reasons why it matters and why we collect :

To Make Informed Decisions: In an easy way data is information, so the data especially good ones can help you when you make decisions. Data makes decisions easier to decide and be a guide for you.

Find Solutions To Problems: Data allows you to more effectively determine the causes of problems. So, when you search for solutions, having help from a data set would be useful for finding optimal results.

To Know What You Are Doing: With a data set, you can track what is happening at that current time.

Test field for Your Arguments: It allows you to make predictions about a situation that is about to happen. Also, it gives information by simulating possible outcomes.

As a result, data is a new computer form of information. A lot can be done with data, but first, we need to understand what it is and figure out how it works.



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