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Why Do We Deserve Our Kindness in Every Situation?

Self Kindness opens up possibilities of potential:

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I see various ups and downs in people’s lives. We all require the kindness that belongs to us. The source of that kindness should be ourselves.

I experienced various decisive events in my life. People hurt me; I hurt myself.

I highlight my weaknesses a lot to myself. Eventually, my great features became meaningless to me. It puts me in depression. I consider myself weak, improper and less attractive to achieve things. It happens sometimes. It’s not true in every case.

There is a huge list of People who love me. I’m very lucky to get incredible friends, family and opportunities.

No doubt, my various fantasies or dreams are not able to achieve. It’s about not having tall height, outstanding grades, early business success and natural bodybuilding capacity. I get various gems through my genetics.

Those gems are various tangible and intangible things. It includes my cute features, intelligence, hardworking, stress tolerance ability and potential to pursue my dreams.

Various elements distribute me to follow my dreams.

I feel responsible write every day. It’s a way of self-expression. Besides, I love to add value to other life through my work. The various doubts pop up every time I pursue writing. I convince myself to pursue my imperfect Work. The kindness to pursue my dreams demands me to accept my weaknesses, trying to understand.

Our dreams stand us alone from the crowd that knows us. Most of the time, our biological responses define by our genetics. It’s my face, problems and physical growth definable through my genetics.

The dream sets me free from the dependent factors. It gives me the taste of achieving my maximum potential. The Maximum effort yields a sense of sacrifice and devotion to work.

The maximum Try to pursue a goal is not possible through self-kindness.

I have fewer grades, no better university admission, and no sexy face or body. I get the will to pursue the maximum.

The maximum is beyond all temporary desire.

My maximum starts through dancing and singing.

It shows me the path like a glowing insect. I follow it with my heart.

It shows me confusion. My path stuck with Unknown obsession and pain.

Why am I not able to build muscle fast?

Why my mind is not sharper than that guy's?

Why my body has various stretch marks?

Why do I lose my emotions every time while trying something different? It’s an endless question list with no solid explanation.

I don’t need an explanation. I require experience. I experience my answers by trying my best in my gloomy times.

Brene Brown explains that no human can be perfect. She explains that our imperfect self is essential to building a human connection. We connect with others and the development community to share our strengths and resolve our weaknesses.

Jordan Peterson, a well-known clinical psychologist, explains that we treat ourselves with more judgement than others. We have the capacity to hurt ourselves more than others can hurt us. The best way to show self-kindness is to treat yourself like your best friend.



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