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Why finding Your Self is like Finding Waldo?

When I was in grade 6, I was introduced to an amusing puzzle book for children, called “Where’s Waldo? (a.k.a Where’s Wally?)” The objective of this game was to find a unique individual who wears red and white striped shirt and a Santa hat. Although, Waldo is right in front of you, ones mind is unable to find him in the massive crowd. If your mind is logical, you will focus on the ones who look similar to him, and may take more time to identify the target but if you are more creative and intuitive then you will be drawn towards the negative or what stands out.

All our lives we perform meaning-less rituals as we are deeply conditioned to follow the masses. We live to eat, consume what we don’t need, seek pleasure to feel alive and act busy but do nothing. This program that keeps us on a knee jerk reflex has helped create a human hive, known as the society, but one in a million wake up and notice the glitch. Those are the seekers who at first suffer from paranoia and are deemed crazy for questioning reality, but are later enlightened and nourish the souls of the lost seekers who need to connect with their tribe.

If you are in search of what the Truth is, who you are, where you came from and where you are headed, then remember you are not alone on this journey. If you are truly seeking your Self, then you will meet many guides, teachers and healers who will help you on this path.

What you have been seeking was right in front of you. You just believed it was somewhere out there, therefore you never noticed it. The dog chases his own tail unless he realises it is only himself he is chasing. Sometimes we realise that it us who we were seeking yet we continue fooling ourselves as we do not wish to break the illusion of self.

“When I searched for God, I only found myself, when I searched for myself, I only found God.” - Rumi



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