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Why I Chose NOT to Wake Up at 4 am . . .

. . . and why you probably shouldn’t either

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Sleep is the most important if you want to feel energetic and motivated the next day. Without it, your life will suffer.

Studies show that a normal adult should have around 7–9 hours of sleep. So this means if you want to wake up at 4 in the morning, you will have to sleep at 7–9 pm. This for me is way too early to sleep, but even if you can deal with this, you will lose precious time with your loved ones.

Find your optimal time

When you are searching for when to wake up, you see many people pushing you to wake up and work. But they fail to see that everyone is different, and everyone has different schedules. If you know you’re an early bird then do a 30-day experiment to see if it is right for you.

How to find your time

The way you should find when you should wake up is by doing this on a weekend (or a time when you are free).

Don’t set an alarm, and sleep normally.

Whenever you wake up, should be the time you feel comfortable waking up at, then just experiment on when to sleep.

You should at least try each hour for about a week, but after you should find your optimal sleeping time and fall right to bed.

My experience with finding my optimal sleeping time

When I read somewhere that waking up at 4 am was going to be great, I tried and… failed miserably. I had a very hard time even waking up at 4 am even after I got used to it. My life was a mess and I got sleep deprived. So eventually, I found some time that fit my schedule and my sleep hours.

The time I found was to sleep around 10–11 pm and wake up at 7 am with an alarm. This allowed me to have enough time to go to work and have time to work on anything after my job.

Find the time you like and stick to it.

Don’t let anything break it. Because you will eventually trust it and always come back to it.

Life isn’t always perfect though. You will go on vacation, visit family members, or binge-watch a Netflix show. And I feel like waking up at 4 am is very unstable and very hard to keep going and have enough time with loved ones.

The good side of waking up early (and staying up late)

When you wake up early it’s quiet, but what about at night? Is it still quiet?


So when people say wake up early because it’s quiet. It’s just a fluke. Because you can make your room quiet or just have space away from the noise to work.

The quietness of waking up isn’t really that prominent.

You can’t just wake up so early, because you will have to sleep early too. That’s just what has to be done if you want to stay healthy.

We all have the same amount of time in a day, and you can’t just magically get more time. Unless, you sacrifice your sleep, which is very very important.

So unless you are an early bird and feel very energetic in the morning then you probably should wake up this early. But most of you will also not be a night owl, but rather somewhere in between. So you should find what time is good for you and stick with it.

Life is life, and there are no shortcuts.

With more time and efficiency in what you are working on, you will create your time from what would have spent more time if you procrastinated.

Get to work, you will get to your goals.

Life has no shortcuts.




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