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Why I Don’t Follow My Passion

Motivations can’t bring food to your table

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I’m a Digital Marketer by profession & a photographer by passion. You may wonder why I didn’t make my career in photography. I actually tried and learned a life-changing lesson that drove me to separate my career and passion.

I brought up hearing the words “Follow Your Passion”. Later found out that it’s the biggest misconception, motivational speakers give us.

The quote should be, “Follow your passion but not Blindly”.

I was confused at the age of 25, “from where should I start?”. The most common thought of us.

I didn’t have a shitload of money or any ovarian lottery, and passion related jobs pushed me to fail horribly.

But I didn't take it as a failure, I took it as a life-changing lesson and started my new beginning. I would like to share what are the lessons that changed my perspective.

Passion Can’t Feed You Always

It’s true that you can’t live without passion. Things’ll be different when Reality hits you.

You’ve to keep your passion aside to bring food to the table. Most of the time, our passion is Art related or something off-track that can’t generate enough revenue in the first place.

It’s time to keep your passion aside and work on your skills. Prepare yourself for your desired job. Start dropping cv like rain.

Learn from your mistakes and start hitting the market. Be sure that you’re gonna take a lot of hits. Rejections will hit you like the rain of rocks.

Don’t take them as a failure, take them as lessons.

Find out, what went wrong? what did you miss? what can be improved?

Then start again, like a Phoenix!

Your Passion isn’t going anywhere

Most of the passions people have, (without sports) can wait. It can wait until you establish your career.

Your passion is precious and it can wait for the right moment. You don’t need to sell your passion to get paid. You can help your passion for using your career. Let them run side by side.

My passion is photography, I’m doing digital marketing and saving money to buy my desired camera setup. I know it’s tricky but it’s the safest way to save my career and passion.

Your office is not Disneyland

Remember one thing, Your office is not here to entertain you or will make you do something you’ll enjoy. It’s the place where you are assigned to do particular tasks within a time-frame.

Obviously, you can love your job but not always.

When someone takes your passion as your job, you’ll be ended up being fade-up on your passion. Doing what you love to do, whenever you are one thing, and doing it within a time-frame and the given target is another thing.

You most likely will ruin your passion if you take it as your full-time job.


Passion can feed your brain and a career can feed your stomach. You need both to survive. Don’t push yourself between those.

Most importantly, don’t create a Versace game.

Firstly, make your stomach full and then brain. A full feed brain is useless when you carry a hungry stomach.



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A K M Intisar Islam

A K M Intisar Islam

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