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How I Started Teaching

I started teaching when I was 23.

What I Liked About Teaching

I’ve talked to a lot of teachers during these last couple of years. And if you ask them, “Why’d you become a teacher?” The first response is usually something like, “I really love kids.”

1 — I loved seeing their progress.

You see their whole journey from the moment they enter the classroom to learning the rules and routines. From not being able to say anything in English to then being able to speak and express their thoughts and feelings to you.

2 — I loved building relationships with them.

I had a 3rd-grade student confide in me that she wanted to commit suicide because of how depressed she felt at school. This little girl attended a private elementary boarding school where she saw her parents for at most 3 days, every month.

3 I loved learning from them.

We can learn so much from kids.

Why I Quit Teaching

Even though teaching is incredibly gratifying, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine like most people think. Teaching has many challenges, too. So, here are the 4 reasons why I quit teaching.

1 — Teaching is emotionally draining.

I’ve worked a lot of different jobs before. I was a waitress, customer service representative at the gym, aesthetician, and copywriter. But none of those jobs were as emotionally exhausting as teaching.

2 — Teaching is a lot of work.

You might think teachers only work 40 hours a week. Plus they have summer and winter holidays, half-days, and school trips. Sure, this may be true… but this doesn’t account for the work they need to do outside of teaching hours. There’s no such thing as leaving work when you’re a teacher.

3 — I don’t agree with the educational system, especially in Taiwan.

In Taiwan, kids are always taking tests because the Ministry of Education thinks that taking tests means kids are learning. And that test results represent how well they’ve learned. Even my kindergarten students, 3–5-year-olds, had 3 tests in one semester!

Quote by Albert Einstein

4 — There’s a lot of pressure on teachers.

Being a teacher is a huge responsibility because anything you say or do can have either a tremendous positive or negative impact on the child.

My Future Plans

Before I quit teaching, I freelanced as a copywriter and content writer. So currently, I still have clients whom I write copy and content for, for their online businesses. I also work at my parents’ restaurant. And I plan to continue researching, writing, and creating content about my topics of interest and sharing what I know with the public on Medium, YouTube, and LinkedIn.


This was my experience with teaching. I hope you gained some insight from my experience. And I hope it helps you to either decide whether you want to pursue teaching as a career or gives you the courage to quit teaching and start over if you’ve been considering it.

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