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Why Is A Billionaire Obsessed With Mars?

Forget Martian Romanticism — it is about fear of mortality!


Far too often Medium feeds me articles about a certain American Billionaire who apparently cares a lot about humanity.

While I ignore most articles with that person’s name or image (as I have already read a lot and have found they all sing the same disgusting hymn) at times I do read them — not out of awe but because of the curious cat in me makes me do so!

From those articles, I understand that the person is extremely wealthy and he frequently goes around telling everyone how deep crisis humanity is in and how important Martian and such ventures are if humanity is to not just come out of it but also thrive further.

One obvious thing I notice is: He has a company that builds vessels for such ventures.

The relation between things, motives, and actions must be pretty clear for those with even a basic ability to observe!

A little while ago, I wrote an article here on Medium wondering why was it the case in ancient India that merchants quite frequently helped establish and thrive a peace-promoting and greed-abhorring religion like Buddhism:

Business and Peace. While thinking about the ongoing war in… | by Adesh Acharya | ILLUMINATION | Mar, 2022 | Medium

My basic observation was:

The ones with the most material possessions are the ones who most hate things that will potentially take their possessions away from them.

Ones who greatly indulge in wealth/fame that are of this world are most attached to their stakes and are generally the ones who are scared of dying the most. Because that would mean they have to leave this world without their stake. How else would you interpret the urge for immortality in both ancient Gilgamesh as well as in modern-day silicon valley capitalists?

The more you get attached to things outside of yourself, the more scared and unwilling you are to go somewhere you can’t take those things with you. In the case of life and possessions, it would mean your life has been purposeless, meaningless, futile. You have been futile and have merely wasted your time. On top of that, you have lived for your possession because you have loved them!

The present human crisis or the narrative of so means that if humans perish, so will all human wealth, achievements, and heroism. Goes all dollars and goes all greatness!

Once again: The more you get attached to things outside of yourself, the more scared and unwilling you are to go somewhere you can’t take those things with you.

Coming back to the billionaire — since he is everywhere — I once saw a video of him smoking marijuana or whatever it is called:

Now I wonder how much of his fear is greed and how much of it is weed?




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