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Why is the absence of focus never cultivate a successful attitude?

Focus comes through merging consistency:

There is a variety of people we meet in our life. Some of them seem cocky, while others are sweeter than sugar. You never do anything about a person in a single meeting. There is one thing that drives every successful person. It never has roots in sex, race, education, status and disability. You have got this Single thing in your guts; everything that hampers you seems effectless. That single wizard ingredient is FOCUS.

If your intensity is laser-like, it cuts every solid material of hurdles. You can turn your focus into good as well as evil purposes. You can be a Mother Teresa or Adolf Hitler.

Your magic stick chooses you. That is your responsibility to follow every clue of it with a brave heart.

You can’t be a hero in everyone’s story.

Not everyone indeed put himself into the mud to develop a focus. Those who have a focused mind can make history.

Inversely, the unfocused mind attracts distraction and destruction towards it. The less focused person seems to linger and invites everyone into their castles in the air. They sabotage the focus of others with their meaningless conflicts and proves. Their worlds are shaky inside. They seem over-confident in their lives. They become fragile in almost doing everything.

The unfocused mind seems proud to point out others’ mistakes and answer instant No about their bugs.

In the 21 years of my life, I observed numerous people with these 2 Categories. It is the best lens to put the diamond from the waste. You may interpret your life under the pressure of focus. It instantly gives you a purpose and hopes to achieve something unusual. My hopeful, exuberant and lovely moments of life are where my focus is on peak under the doubtable state.

I feel a strange stigma that evolves in my body and lights up the dry wood of my creativity. So, after taking a harsh decision of developing my focus, I dive into the sea of my inner voice. The mission of my entire life is to lead the helm of my Passion Ship. In my experience, my focus often leads to my discipline. My plan changes due to the attack of any emergency, and my focus finds a creative way to do work.




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