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Why LinkedIn is The Best Social Media Platform!

All the ways using Linkedin can help your career take off!

Although many of you may have Linkedin most of you don't give it the attention it requires. With half-completed profiles and outdated information, you are really missing out on the most powerful Career progression tool at your disposal. Those who don't give LinkedIn a second thought don't feel as though Linkedin will help them find the job they want and see it as a standard social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

But LinkedIn is quite the opposite of a bog-standard social.LinkedIn offers countless opportunities for those on the job market helping you keep track of events, network with professionals, and most importantly market yourself to employers. This article highlights the main reasons why you should invest your time in LinkedIn and take advantage of the greatest personal marketing tool available.

Job recruiters and high ranking professionals are on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is key when looking for a job as many recruiting staff for firms and hiring managers are all using the platform.

In total 87% of recruiters find LinkedIn to be an excellent way to vet candidates during the application process.

By creating an active and neat Profile you are one step ahead of the game as you are marketing yourself to recruiters, increasing the chance of being headhunted by companies looking to employ people with your displayed skills and experience. So interested companies may contact you if they think you are a good fit for their company.

75% of people who recently changed jobs used LinkedIn to help decide their career path.

Your LinkedIn Profile helps build trust and credibility:

When on the job market one of the most important things is credibility. Employers want to know that you have relevant experience and that you are interested in the role. Having a LinkedIn that is active and engaging in posts and is constantly adding new skills to its profile is one employer's love. This is as it helps them review a candidate's credibility without going through the whole process of skim reading long 2–3 page CV’s.

Moreover, whenever a company contacts you through LinkedIn its an indicator that you are doing something right and it gives you more avenues of attracting job offers.

LinkedIn is a great way to network:

LinkedIn gives you access to a huge range of networking opportunities with everything from events to being able to contact professionals in your field. Benefits of networking through LinkedIn include:

  1. Easier access to professionals in your field, with LinkedIn you can contact and find recruiters who are always willing to answer questions that may help you progress with your career.
  2. LinkedIn allows you to attend virtual networking events and this is especially helpful during the rise of working from home and virtual business.
  3. LinkedIn helps you overcome networking blues as its much easier to ask questions to other professionals over the internet compared to an in-person networking event.
  4. LinkedIn helps you grow your network and store all your new connections under your profile. This is much better than having a list of important contacts in an excel sheet.

You may network with people you never thought you would be able to e.g A few months and posts into my LinkedIn I received a notification saying Sir William Rothschild (Baron)had engaged with my posts. This blew my mind the fact that a student who was just commenting on a few posts relating to his industry had now had his profile viewed by a Rothschild truly highlighted the power of this platform.


On balance, many people feel as though LinkedIn is a waste of time and treat it like a forgotten subscription. They will sign up put some details in and let it sit there dormant for years to come.

But as I have highlighted LinkedIn can;

  • connect you with high ranking professionals in your industry,
  • Act as a virtual networking platform
  • Help recruiters from companies headhunt you
  • Provide you with great job opportunities an events to attend that will accelerate your career.

I guarantee if you utilize all that LinkedIn has to offer it will kickstart and help accelerate your professional career and the sooner you have it and actively engage with it the better it will be for your career.



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