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Why Most People Never Achieve What They Want?

A person’s attitude today defines what they will be tomorrow…

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Most of us have goals and these goals in life pave the way for us to succeed.

But having a constructive approach towards your goals is really important.

Everyone aspires to become a better version of themselves and strives to achieve this in their own way.

I have some goals in my life too. Although, I cannot brag about achieving most of it, what I learned after years about goals is that organizing life is really necessary if someone is serious about their goals.

Here are some of the reasons that stop people from achieving what they want:

Lack of motivation

It’s the motivation behind what someone wants to achieve that forces us to strive for it. You work hard, you take your time out, you manage different things side-by-side.

Whatever we do to reach our milestones, there’s the motivation behind that.

Generally, motivation comes from wants or desires that develop by the influence of many factors like lifestyle, society, culture, etc. These are the real forces that motivate us to do something to achieve and force us towards action.

Not organizing life

It’s well-known that businesses, companies, and startups have complete plans, strategies, and drafts for the projects they want to work on.

Why is that? Because organizing things helps us to focus, prioritize, and work on our goals in a clear way.

Similarly, keeping yourself organized increases productivity. By organizing your life and goals, one can quantify that what they worked on, where they are stuck and what they have achieved so far.

It helps us to remain disciplined which is really important to chase our dreams in life.

Overdependence on something

As human beings, we need support and help from people around us to achieve something. A child needs the support of his parents to grow. A student needs the help of their teachers to excel in education. On a similar note, everywhere we are dependent to some extent on certain people in our life.

Getting help is good and there’s nothing bad in it. But sometimes, overdependence on situations, people, and certain things hinders our progress and stops the journey towards success.

You might have heard stories of numerous successful people in the world who started with uncertain conditions in life.

What if they’d have excused themselves due to their situation? It’d have stopped them from working on their goals and achieving everything they later did.

Not promoting what you are doing

Everyone does a lot of things in our lives. Every person is always busy doing stuff that they think can help them to be successful.

Life’s a perpetual journey and everyone’s trying to make the most of it by using ways that they think are more appropriate and helpful.

But the problem is that most of the time what one does is hidden from the eyes of other people until they speak about it and share it.

Sharing helps a lot. Most important thing is that we connect with like-minded people who might be more experienced at the same thing. The best thing is developing a social circle of people who are doing the same thing. It helps with establishing yourself as a personal brand.


Achieving something in life is not about being greedy or something like that. Instead, it’s a journey of organizing yourself, being passionate about your plans, and taking calculated steps.

It’s also a way to change your life and do something purposeful not only for yourself but also for the people around you.

Also, it’s not about showing off or impressing people but instead it’s a way to establish yourself as a leader to not only empower yourself but also the people around you who aren’t aware of how to find their goals, execute their plans and carve their success stories on the skies.



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