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Why Should I Continue Asking Questions?

Scapegoating to creative responses

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Scapegoating in the Philosophy of Rene Girard

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Practical Application

Few Creative Responses

One of our objectives with the farm in the long term is to build a community of people living in the farm. By end of 2020, there will be space for ~10 people to stay full time. By 2023, we hope to be food and energy self sufficient in 90% of our needs.

We are committed to Rural and Tribal Awakening (“prabodhan”) through community organisation, economic growth, educational initiatives and natural resource development without prejudice to caste or creed.

In 2016, she opened the program Girls Os+, a refuge for girls who, like her, fall prey to underage prostitution. She gave them cooking lessons, so they too could have a future.


They fight the system as activists and as people who attempt re-creation and renewal.

Ask Questions — — We can find scapegoats.

Keep on asking questions — -We find responses and solutions.

Have the courage to act on the responses.

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