Why Should You Be An OCC And Not An OCCurrence?

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I joined Airbus Customer Support Engineering Services just two years ago. I came from 10 years of working on developing the best structures to withstand you and your luggage when you board an aircraft.

It meant that I was working on developing lightweight structures with new and innovative technologies and new numerical simulation methods.

Working on such topics, I was far from the final product and our customers.

That drove me to join the customer support department to be closer to the in-service reality.

An aircraft is the safest way to travel in the world compared to any other means of transportation.

And the aviation industry is working every day to make aircraft safer and safer in every aspect.

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This includes safety in the design, safety in the production, safety in the operations, safety in the maintenance, safety in the documentation published, and safety in the training of pilots and cabin crews and airport ground servicing people.

As part of this safety loop, the airlines must report any event in the field where equipment or a system is not as per design. That includes also any human error that could lead to a potential safety issue.

How does it work?

Each time an event happens in the field and meets some safety criteria already established, the airline has to report to the aircraft manufacturer via an occurrence.

An occurrence is an event for an aircraft in service that has to be analyzed and, if required, leads to a product improvement for both in-service aircraft and those in production.

In our jargon, we call occurrences an OCC as in OCCurrence.

Then you might argue that you don’t understand the subject of this article:

Why should you be an OCC and not an occurrence?

Yes, I just said that it is the same. So what the heck, then?



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