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Why the world needs Superman?

An opinion about the real-life Man of Steel

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No, this is not an article written by Lois Lane. But please be honest. You have thought about it, didn’t you? I sure did. More than once. And truth be told, I firmly believe that we truly need a Superman. Actually, Supermen, to be exact. Let’s check this out though, shall we?

For the sake of reference, Superman is an alien from planet Krypton. His father, Jor-El, placed him into a spaceship as a newborn baby in order to save him from their dying planet. Superman ended up on planet Earth, and specifically in Kansas, raised by the wonderful couple of the Kents. He adopted the identity of Clark Kent, and as he was growing up and found out about his alien origin, he started discovering his powers and use them for peace and justice.

However, many people would admire Superman or would like to be Superman because of his powers.

Oh look at me! I can bench press the weight of Earth x 10!

Although it would be cool to fly through the sky and feeling the air hitting your face by moving as fast as a speeding bullet, I think we should look into what Superman actually represents. And that is HOPE.

For those that don’t know it. The “S” doesn’t represent “Superman”. In fact, according to the character’s history, it is the symbol of hope. And I believe that was the original plan by creating Superman. Inspiring hope. Yes, he would stop crime, wars and save people from natural disasters or terrible accidents. But think about it, citizens in the comics are always hopeful that he will be there to save them in the end. Why can’t we be like that in our everyday lives?

I understand that some would say

Come on, man. You are talking about a comic book character.

Yes, I do. But please, don’t tell me that we don’t need hope more than ever. And we don’t need a superhuman being in order to inspire hope into our lives. Each and every one of us could be someone’s Superman. The whole world could be a planet of Supermen.

Give someone a helping hand, be there for your friends and family, or even for a stranger, do something that can inspire others to help. Start your own legacy on this. Can you imagine what this world would be like if we acted like that? We don’t need superpowers or masked vigilantes in order to inspire hope.

So the final questions are. Does the world need Superman? Yes. Does Superman exist? Yes. It’s me, it’s you, it’s every single one of us, as long as you believe that you can make a change that matters. So, do something that matters. Let’s all be Supermen.




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