Why Worry?

When you can stop worry

Ilis Trudie Palmer
2 min readMar 3, 2023


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We fight with ourselves for no reason. We worry about things that work themselves out in the end. So when we see this happening over and over again, why do we continue doing the same thing?

I ask myself the same question. I have no answer, maybe we are wired to worry. We are in a battle with ourselves over this thing they call success, measured by their standards, not necessarily ours, but the urge is still there to reach for it, as elusive as it often appears.

The desire to be number one; to be the best whatever on the planet; to achieve; to succeed. And so, we worry.

I try not to worry but there are days when everything seems to be going on the opposite side of right, and I begin to wonder if I am doing it right. The urge becomes one to effort, to try, to put my shoulder to the wheel and push. The end result is, more often than not, a sore shoulder with little to show.

Mind you, do not get me wrong, I am not saying that we should not seek success, however, we define it; we should not be ambitious and want the best for our family, friends, and country, but if it comes with a bag of worries, give it up.

I hear your protest: you are asking me not to care? How can I be a good human being if I do not care about my family, my friends, and the planet? Don’t you see what they are doing to it? Destroying this beautiful place! Soon there will be nothing left, and then we will be looking for tickets for Mars.

Caring for something, or someone is not synonymous with worrying. Who taught you that? I bet it was some selfish human being, wanting you to be their source of happiness. Well, that is one bag of worries right there!

Isn’t there a song with lyrics that say, ‘why worry when you can pray?’ That might be a step in the right direction. Pray more, worry less.

I laughed, I heard them, my spirit guides to me, “ We hope that you read what you wrote.”

“Of course I did,” my cheeky response, “I had to check it for errors.”

Dancing Between Tall Grass is coming soon, stay tuned. I write tiny stories and poems, using simple language and ordinary examples, so if you are looking for complex explanations of the phenomenal, you may have to visit elsewhere.

Thank you, dear reader, for sharing this co-creative experience with me.



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