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Why you need Emotional Intelligence in Life??

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Everyone aspires to be a Leader but many face the dilemma of actually understanding the utility and application of Emotional intelligence in Leadership. EI/EQ permits you to comprehend and deal with your feelings to self-inspire and to make good social associations; it’s the initial phase in understanding your actual potential. The worth and advantages are vast and encompass scholastic, self and professional introspection.

Let's start by saying that EQ is innately perceivable. For example, Trump, Kayne or Biden for president of the USA? Which of these evoke some powerful sentiments in you? Let’s try a little more politically correct example. Pizza or broccoli for Dinner? Hands down Pizza right!! These everyday examples are some of the most potent emotions evokers. The success in our professional spheres depends highly on our ability to read and reciprocate aptly to the emotions of others. EQ matters just as much as IQ and maybe, even more, when it comes to excelling at the workplace.

As it is often said that Mindfulness is an ally of emotional and social awareness. To be a master of EQ, you need to master its four domains: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. Included within each domain are twelve competencies, learned and learnable capabilities that allow exceptional execution as a leader. These include fundamental areas like self-control, positive outlook, and empathy. Along with some very crucial abilities such as achievement, influence, conflict management, teamwork and inspirational leadership. These skills require the same amount of engagement with emotions as the main set and should be a developmental priority as an aspiring leader.

So how to begin? Flex your mental muscle by developing these three must-have traits of Leadership. Start with Impulse control, Progress further with Stress tolerance and finally put it into use with a Problem-solving attitude. To elucidate the same here is an example. Tesla overtook Toyota as the most valuable automotive company in the world. It is quite incredible given the fact that Toyota sold more than 10 million cars as compared to Tesla’s 368,000. So how did they manage to do it? The answer lies in EI. Elon Musk is one of those leaders who effectively use EI for Business excellence.

In July, Musk tweeted “Tesla is open to licensing software and supplying powertrains & batteries,” “We’re just trying to accelerate sustainable energy, not crush competitors!”. Now you would think what good comes from supplying the edge of competition to competitors? Musk understands that despite this feat, his company is nothing when compared to legacy automakers, like Toyota, Volkswagen, GM, and Ford. In his mind, he controls his impulse to brag, he copes with the stress of competing with Legacy automakers and with a problem-solving attitude, proposes to share his resources and technical know-how with them which leads to everyone's profit and a win-win situation for all. How? Well here's how.

  • Tesla makes tons of money from the licensing deal and continues to lead in software innovation.
  • Legacy automakers can start working on mass manufacture and supply.
  • The people benefit as cars use more sustainable energy, incorporating newer technology and revolutionizing the Automobile Industry.

So what conclusion do we draw from the example? EQ is an essential cogwheel that drives the colossal machinery of Leadership and it is high time that it should be given its due preponderance in the modern world of professional excellence. A leader without EQ is an Organization Sabotager. Don’t be one!! Work on it and rise meticulously!!



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Dr. Anshul Mishra

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