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Why You Should Always Express Yourself

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The chances that you have had an encounter with a total stranger, where you find yourself opening up to them in unusual ways. Not thinking about whether you are going to see them again, but it feels good at the moment. You leave the encounter a little bit lighter and feel a little bit better. Such is the power of self-expression.

All through the day, our mind is always unto one chatter or the other. Wafting through a web of thoughts as we do the serious things and as we do basic mundane tasks. We are trying to solve simple problems of how to fix the bad faucet and how the plumber might not respond to us. Or the hard problems of how to move a project forward.

We look at our phones and see social media posts that trigger us, we want to argue, but we ignore them or not.

We remember a friend that wronged us, and we ruminate about how their actions offended us. Are we right to be angry at them? Will they realize how what they did hurt us and stop defending themselves?

As we think about those things, we are coming to conclusions, finding solutions, and wondering why we are stuck with some things — trying to figure it all out in our heads. Sometimes we would come to very profound conclusions, and other times we remain confused.

In trying to express ourselves, we are trying to clear our minds, think, and figure things out. And all of these lead to better self-awareness and understanding of your motives and your reason why. When you can figure all these out, you understand yourself better. You know what you are supposed to do and why you are doing it. You gain more clarity, and you can self-actualize — achieve your purpose.

So in anything you do, always express yourself, say what is on your mind. It doesn’t matter to who — it could be to yourself, your friends, your family, your loved ones, your colleagues, on the internet, in your journal, or on your notes app.

Self-expression is how we identify people our people

It is how we figure out our purpose

It is how our relationships get better

It is how we get what we want from the world.

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