Wikipediholism and my Wikipedia addiction

A great free-living encyclopedia, Wikipedia is a gift to humankind.

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Wikipediholism and my Wikipedia addiction — Inu Etc
Wikipediholism, Photo by 燃灯

Wikipedia has a full article about Wikipediholism.

This is obviously just for fun, and Wikipedia has lots of humorous essays like this.

However, Wikipediholism does exist.

I often read an article on Wikipedia, then another, then another, and at the end, I can’t even remember which article I read first. LOL.

For example,

Yesterday, I searched for Sadat Hasan Manto (Writer) on Google and landed on Wikipedia, my favorite website.

I often visit Manto’s Wikipedia page, as he is one of my favorite writers, and I enjoy reading about his life. So, while reading about him, I clicked on a link that led me to the Wikipedia page about the partition of India. Also, I opened another tab from Manto’s page about Pak Tea House.

This was an interesting article about a tea café where intellectuals used to meet until the 1990s.

After reading that article, I went to another article about my favorite Urdu poet, Ahmad Faraz.

I then saw a YouTube video in which Amal Clooney talked about her husband, Geroge Clooney, I instantly searched for her on Google and visited her Wikipedia page.

After reading about Amal Clooney, I went to Nadia Murad’s Wikipedia page and read about world religions.

Like this, I often spend a lot of time scrolling through Wikipedia.

I also enjoy editing Wikipedia pages, although I do not receive any compensation for doing so. To me, it feels like I’m helping thousands of people through charity work.

Initially, I thought this was just me, but then I heard from my cousin, who’s also a Wikipediholic.

Well, I don’t know why we love Wikipedia articles so much. There is a possibility that we visit Wikipedia because it is trusted, and Google ranks it higher as well.

In any case, I now understand why I spend so much time scrolling through Wikipedia.

There are two reasons for this: internal links in Wikipedia pages and FOMO.

On every paragraph in a Wikipedia page, you’ll find internal links. It’s good for SEO and website engagement. There will always be some links relevant to the article, and you’ll find them interesting, so you’ll stay longer on the website.

Since I don’t want to miss some more interesting and related information, I click those links whenever I open an article on Wikipedia.

Initially, I was curious and thought I was the only one with this addiction, but now I see there are many Wikipediholics out there.

A great free-living encyclopedia, Wikipedia is a gift to humankind. I encourage you to continue reading and to contribute whenever you can.

What’s your favorite thing about Wikipedia?

I am also addicted to Medium, it has a lot of valuable articles, and somehow I find it similar to Wikipedia.

Thanks for reading this article. 💚

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