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Write Compelling Intro For Your Blog Posts Using H-I-T-S Formula.

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The intro is the lifeline of any article. It not only improves the bounce rate of your article but also boosts user engagement.

People often fail to make an impact in this part and later blame the algorithm.

As Best Headlines makes people click on your content, in the same way writing a best intro makes people stick to your content.

So How to keep readers stuck to your content? Let’s start with:

H for Hook:

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The hook is the first line of your article. It should be short, attention-grabbing, and to the point.

It should be self-explanatory and simple to understand.

Don’t over-promise things and mislead people. Otherwise, people will never come back to you again.

I for Identify:

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Here you have to identify the problem of people. It can be as small as making an account on Paypal.

Yes, I am not kidding! Making an account on Paypal is still not obvious to many people.

Similarly, different people have different problems in life. So how to find such problems?

Go to Quora, Search related to your niche. You will get 100s of questions to answer.

Find the one on which you have the proper knowledge and just start writing.

T for Trigger:

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After identifying, You have to make people aware of the depth of the problem.

Why is it important? How it will affect their work? Why it should be solved?

In simple words, Be the source of hope for people who can guide them properly.

S for Solution:

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Now as the iron is hot. It’s the right time to make a hit.

Make them believe that you have all the resources to solve their problem.

You can share proofs in this section for better impact.

But again I am saying: Don’t over promise things. Be loyal to your words.

If you can’t fulfill their needs. Write on the topic which suits you.

In the below graphic, I have shared how to make perfect use of this formula. Please refer that:

Author Screenshot

With this thought let's end the article here.

I hope you learned something new from this article.

Share your thoughts in the comments. Thank you for reading.

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