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The “M. Stats” (Medium Stats) publication is eagerly seeking talented authors to join our community of Medium writers.

Whether you’re an experienced Medium member or just dipping your toes into the world of online publishing, we extend a warm welcome to all!

Write for “M. Stats” (Medium Stats) publication.

What We’re Looking For?

💚 At M. Stats, we welcome a wide range of topics as journey to financial freedom, offer personal growth tips, or discuss strategies for achieving your goals, we’re all ears!

💚 We particularly appreciate Medium earnings reports supported by data and screenshots, so feel free to showcase your achievements.

Article Submission Guidelines:

  • Length: All article lengths are welcome, but the recommendation is 300–500 words.
  • Spelling and Grammar: Please use Grammarly to check your writing.
  • No AI: We Please refrain from using AI-generated articles!
  • Affiliate Links: You’re welcome to add up to 3 affiliate links in your articles. Please make sure to disclose them clearly to your readers.