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Writing Materializes Your Thoughts

The good ones, hopefully

Photo by Idzard Schiphof on Unsplash

Many times, when I read what I’ve written, it surprises me because most of what I say here aren’t things I’ll normally say out loud. They’re just things that go on in my mind.

You know those deliberations you have when trying to decide on something? And those you get when you’re trying to talk sense to yourself? That’s the thought that dominates when I write.

When I write, it’s me putting those thoughts out to the world. This is why it may seem like I have the answers and have lots of things figured out when you read my writing.

But I owe most of those things to that part of the brain that tries to talk sense into you when you’re about to make a wrong decision.

The good thing though, is that the more I write about these things, the more they become permanent, which improves how well I think, and of course, improves my decision making.

That’s why it's very advisable to write, even if you don’t necessarily publish, but to build a stronger relationship with your mind, it’s best to find an expression.

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