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Is The Year 2020 A Lost Opportunity?

A short story

The papers I was writing on flew and dispersed everywhere in the room because my sister came in and turned on the fan. As it is October I didn’t feel much heat but she just came back from her running exercise and so she fell on the bed.

I pouted at her but she just smiled, panting while laying upside down. “Sorry” she mouthed.

Cleaning up didn’t take a while but arranging them back into order was too much of a task, as I even forgot to put numbers on them. She watched me do my silently and when I finished, she asked,

“What are those?”

“A report on online classes due tomorrow,” I replied coldly,

“Well, that sounds fun. How are your classes anyway?”

“Everyone does whatever they want so, I don’t really know.”

“Then what did you write in the report.”

“Honestly, most of the pages are just rough work or complaints.”

“Complaints? What about?

“How I don’t want to attend classes of course.”

She let out a little laugh and said nothing afterwards. I continued towards my work until dinner and somehow completed a presentable report and filed it with care.

At night, when we were going to sleep, my sister asked me to come with her somewhere the next day but she would not name the place. I agreed and turned off the lights.

We were just wandering around till afternoon wearing gloves and masks, avoiding places with too many people as much as we can and later went to a park as she had brought picnic mats and food.

“I don’t understand, what was the point of me missing my classes only to wander like this?”

“You said you didn’t like them.” there was her big sis sarcastic tone.

“That doesn’t mean I am not going to attend them.”

“Why bother, and even trouble your teacher when you are not paying attention? It’s not only your time that you are wasting.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know we are not allowed to go out just yet right, it’s still risky and you have all the time in the world staying at home. You could be doing anything if not attending classes and yet you chose to waste a good opportunity.”

I could not say anything to her retort. It is true that I was wasting time and so was everyone else but the realization was more shocking than I could’ve expected.

“You don’t know how hard your teacher is trying to keep their job, how much our parents might be worried about our education, and how much you will have to struggle after you graduate. Life is short, so yes, make sure to have fun but in that awe, don’t lose an opportunity that might never come back.”

None of us said anything after that, we enjoyed our lunch under the shade of a tree and felt happy in each other’s company.

Her words stirred me in a way that I can not explain, I kept reflecting on them and rethinking my choices. If 2020 was actually an opportunity was it lost already or was there still time?

What could I achieve in these last there months and groom myself for an exciting future?

**The End

Thank you so much for reading,

Do tell me what did you think about the story and also how did you spend 2020?

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