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You Are Meant to be a Power Creator

You have the tools to be a powerful creator. Are you using them?

Bali, photo by author

Through creating, you fulfill your purpose.

Your Higher Self is urging you to be the creator of your life

What stops you from becoming a powerful creator?

The ego pretends it is the true Self

Your Higher Self can’t see you when you are in ego

How to move out of your false self into your authentic self

The power of self-awareness

“Living an unexamined life isn’t worth living.” — — Plato

Living in the now

Observe yourself in the now moment

The light of awareness helps you become more authentic and a powerful creator living their life purpose

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Carl Gerber (aka Kristopher Raphael)

Welcome to a Handbook for Planet Earth — You will find actionable hacks to integrate personal growth & spirituality into daily