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You Are Not Hired For Problems

One Incident that converted problems to Solutions

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It was the year 2006, a hot summer afternoon of working in a US-based Healthcare IT Company working on IT requirements in Bengaluru.

It was just one year approx. That I got to understand the nitty-gritty of IT profiles from a software Engineer to senior SE, to Lead, Tech Lead, Manager, and Solution Architect.

Not from the IT background, but working on the challenging requirements was always a feeling like — Is it right for me? Or am I right for this?

I remember my employer asked me during the interview, Ashish, this is your second job, so think and take. First, you took that’s ok but second should be based on your goals and plans.

Initially, Kaha samajh aata hai sab? (During Initial phases you do not understand this)

As I was at the Client’s place, there was less pressure but more result-oriented deliveries.

36 Modalities (Positions to fill) to complete by month-end.

How this heck I will be able to do this?

Sunday is near. Ek Scheduled Walkin Kar lete hai (Let us have scheduled walk-in)

There are 16 consultants sending CVs from across India, but very few are being liked by the Managers.

The irony of the situation is that those who have offered has multiple offers.

Who is not having the offer is not getting the offer.

How to find the candidates who are not having the Offers and can get the offers.

100s of CVS flowing from the consultants, but very few match the bill. 📄

“Jyada CV doge Manager ko to wo pareshan ho jaayega. Your job is to filter the CV and send the most appropriate ones.”

What is the best solution?

Ok, let’s meet Ramki (That’s what we used to call our HR leader at Client Place). He used to love to be called that.

“Hey, Ramki — There are 36 Modalities to complete. There is a flood of CVs but not the right Cvs. Managers are not shortlisting the profiles. How will we close the positions?”



Yes Ramki

Come inside. Ok Sure.

Are you an MBA? Yes I am a PGDBM


Remember one thing — “You are not here for the problems. You are here for the solutions.”

You have been arranging weekly events in Leela Galeria. Do one more, and this time you will close more. Divide modalities into four and give charge to your team.

Wow Ramki

What a Bulb on the moment for me!

That one message changed life.

A lesson well learned.

“You are hired for the solutions, not the problems.”

Just change the focus from problem to solution.

Since then, this story keeps motivating me to date.

One meeting 1⃣️, One Incident 👆, One Word 🕐, One Talk, One phone call can change your life. ☝️



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